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Best Way to Prevent Root Invasion on Your Pipes

Are your pipes draining slowly? Once you begin to notice that your drain pipes are draining slowly, or you start hearing strange gurgling noises from your sink or toilet, chances are, your sewer lines and drain pipes have been invaded by tree roots. If care is not taken, these tree roots can make your pipe leak, or prevent the flow of wastewater.

Whether you like it or not, your sewer line will attract tree roots. The roots will create annoying clog that will slow your drainage system. As a homeowner or resident of a home, it is your duty to ensure that your drain pipes are free of root invasion. The following are a couple of ways to help you prevent your drain pipes and sewer line from getting invaded by tree roots.

Rock Salts

One of the way of preventing root invasion in drain pipes is by using rock salts. These rocks salts can help dry out tree roots in the drain pipes or sewer line. You can pour copper sulfate, sodium chloride, or any other form of salt into your toilet. Flush the toilet a couple of times to help clean out the toilet.

Without making use of the toilet, leave the rock salts to do their magic for the next 12 hours. Salts are known to be poisonous to plants and tree roots. The salt compound will suck away moisture from the tree roots. With this, the roots will have nothing to thrive upon. However, ensure that more wastewater is not poured through your sink so as not to wear out the effect of the salt.

Foaming Root Killers

Furthermore, you can also prevent the roots from growing inside your pipes by making use of foaming root killers. They contain an herbicide that terminates tree roots. Once they come in contact with your drain pipes, they will discourage the growth of new roots by leaving behind a residue in your pipes.

Regular Inspection and Cleaning

Lastly, regular pipe inspection and cleaning will also help prevent roots from invading your drain pipes. This will help you prevent the problem even before its starts. This can be the cheapest route to guard against unnecessary pipe damages or leak caused by tree root invasion.

At times, through no fault of your own, tree roots invade your pipes. The right thing to do is root pulverization. This will crush the roots before they are eventually flushed out.

For your root pulverization, Sewer Co is the perfect company to get the job done. Using our state-of-the-art high-pressure water jetting technique, we will remove and flush away any tree roots invading your drain pipes.

Choose Us for Your Root Pulverization

At Sewer Co, we work with a team of well-trained drain pipes and sewer line cleaning professionals who will carry out a thorough inspection and cleaning of your drains.

Using high-pressure water jetting technique, they will remove tree roots, sludge, mineral deposits, grease build-up, food particles, and debris that accumulate in your drains.

Patronize our root pulverization and drain cleaning service today. We guarantee you exceptional services.

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