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Sewer Co.’s Guide to Drain Cleaning

drain pipe sewer cleaning

Sewer Co.’s Guide to Drain Cleaning

Sewer Co. provides plumbing maintenance, drain cleaning, and trenchless pipe repair to the residents of California and Texas. We have over forty years of experience that give us a broad knowledge of plumbing issues and unbeatable industry expertise. One of the services we provide is drain cleaning, which is an essential part of drain and plumbing maintenance that can often be overlooked or ignored.

What is Drain Cleaning?

Drain cleaning is used clear everything from sink drains to shower drains, of any clogs, blockages, and debris that may lead to larger clogs and possible pipe damage down the line. The daily buildup of waste in your home’s drains, from toothpaste to kitchen grease, can cause a clog, which, in turn, can possibly lead to damage to your pipes. It is important to schedule regular maintenance and drain cleaning in your home before a major clog can form or a pipe breaks.

How and Why do Clogs Form?

Clogs in your drains or pipes form when debris, waste, etc. build up after an extended period of time. This buildup of debris, which could consist of minerals, oils, hair, or even dust, reduces the water flow in your drain or pipe. This often leads to a build up of water, which is often noticeable and can create stagnant water. Stagnant water, in turn, can often contain dangerous and hazardous bacteria that could put both you and your family at risk.

guide to sewer pipe drain cleaning

Different Methods

There’s a wide variety of different methods when it comes to cleaning out your drains, each employed depending on the size of the clog. Smaller clogs are easier to remove from your drains and can be fixed by snaking, which involves sticking a thin, flexible, plastic tool down your drain to remove any excess hair, food, etc. that may be the cause of your blocked drain. For bigger clogs, professional plumbers may use hydro jetting or a root machine. Hydro jetting is when a pressurized hose with a specialized nozzle it used to spray highly pressurized water down your drains, quickly and effectively unclogging your line. Hydro jetting is fast and easy, guaranteed to not take up a large portion of your time. Hydro jetting usually takes up to an hour at most, effectively cleaning the built up gunk and any debris clogging your pipes. Hydro jetting can even clear out large debris that may get stuck in your pipes, such as tree roots. Hydro jetting also cleans out your drains and pipes without damaging them, which is another reason why this cutting-edge technology is a great way to clean out your pipes.

A rooting machine clears clogs and debris much like hydro jetting does, though instead of pressurized water being used a small drilling blade is employed to remove the clog. Both hydro jetting and using a root machine can be effective for any pipe or drain size, large or small, and can successfully clogs in a timely manner.

Methods of Prevention

Methods to prevent clogs from forming include having regular drain cleaning and drain maintenance done. You can also prevent a clog by forming by trying to limit the amount of objects that go down the drain, such as kitchen oils, waste, hair, etc. Using catching devices on your drains is one way to accomplish this. This device is a small, plastic dome that you can put over your drain entries. The small holes in this device allows your water to flow down the drain, but catches excess food particles or hair. This is a cheap and effective means to prevent clogs from forming yourself.

It is also recommended to avoid flushing non-flushable objects down your drains. These non-flushable objects can quickly lead to a clogged toilet or clogged sewer pipes, which, in turn, can cause hazardous backup to form in your toilets. This is also an easy prevention method. You simply need to avoid flushing objects such as feminine hygiene products, wet wipes, diapers, and other dense materials down your toilet. If you do not know if an object can or cannot be flushed down a toilet, you can simply read the object’s label or research it online.

Warning Signs that your drain may need cleaning

The most common warning sign that one of your drains are clogged is water not flowing correctly down the drain or starting to pool. For example, if you take a shower and notice that the water is pooling at your feet and not going down the drain, that may mean that there’s a clog in your shower drain. This pooling water becomes stagnant after a while and can collect harmful bacteria that puts both you and your family at risk. This water can also emit a musty odor, which is another warning sign that your drains are in need of drain cleaning.

Another warning sign is if you experience frequent clogs. These frequent clogs may be caused by the buildup in your pipes and be a telling sign that your drains and pipes need a proper drain cleaning. Multiple slow drains can also be a sign that you need your drains cleaned. The most likely cause for those slow drains is often the excessive buildup of minerals and other materials that may be restricting the flow and ultimately causing your drains to become slow. If it takes a noticeably long time for your bathtubs, sinks, etc. to drain then it is likely that your drains are in need of cleaning.

A smell coming from your drains, sinks, and plumbing could also be a key warning sign that your drains and overall plumbing are in need of cleaning. Bacteria is known to build up over time in stagnant water or in dirty pipes and drains. This bacteria gives off a foul sewer odor that quickly fills up your home. By contacting a professional plumber to come and inspect your drains, they can effectively rid your home of this foul smell.

It is very important to contact a professional plumbing service, such as Sewer Co, if you notice any of the warning signs mentioned above. By contacting a plumbing service right away, you can minimize the damage that can possibly happen to your drains and pipes, saving you time and money in the long run.

What Not Cleaning Your Drains May Lead To

As briefly mentioned before, by ignoring a clog for long enough, it can cause great damage to your pipes, which is more expensive and time consuming to fix than a simple drain cleaning. Also, by letting a clogged drain remain in your home, the pooling of excess water that often comes from clogged drains can lead to stagnant water. This stagnant water can contain harmful bacteria that can put both you and your family at risk.

Camera Inspections

Camera inspections are the first step towards determining how to fix the clogged drain. A long, thin, flexible, state-of-the-art camera is inserted into one or more of your drains that it suspected to have a clog. The camera projects a clear image of your drains onto the specialist’s monitor for their viewing. This camera inspection allows our professional technicians to identify the problem with the drain and assess the next best steps in unclogging it.

Locations Sewer Co. Serves

Sewer Co. provides drain cleaning services and other effective plumbing services. We serve residents of the states of California and Texas. We also offer emergency services. So, if your pipes burst in the middle of the night, Sewer Co. is there to help you.

Other Services Provided by Sewer Co.

Aside from the drain cleaning services that Sewer Co. provides, we also offer sewer pipe repair, installation of sewer linings, new pipe installations, and more, all while using the state of the art trenchless technology. By using cutting-edge trenchless methods, Sewer Co. avoids excavating excessive amounts of soil from your yard or landscape, ultimately saving you time and money. This process is guaranteed to not disturb your home or garden due to it is effective and fast process, avoiding the need to dig trenches to have access to your broken or damaged pipes.

After a proper drain cleaning, it is important to have your pipes inspected for any damage and have any necessary repairs performed. Pipe lining is one repair options we offer. This cutting-edge technology employs an epoxy resin that is inserted into your pipes and then hardens around the interior wall of the pipes, providing a new, damage-resistant pipe-within-a-pipe.

If you suspect that your drains or pipes are in need of a good cleaning, call Sewer Co. today to schedule an inspection. It’s important to solve any and all noticeable drain or plumbing problems before they become a bigger headache. You can contact Sewer Co. by calling the number 844-787-4047. Sewer Co. offers 24 hour emergency services and same day service availability.

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