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How To Handle Sewer Smells in Your Katy, TX Home

The interesting thing about sewer systems is that they often give you clues when something bad is happening to them. The trick is to understand exactly what those clues are saying. In Katy, Texas, you can contact us at Sewer Co for any of your sewer line concerns. We use trenchless technologies which are kinder to your yard and quicker to complete.

But what are those sewer smells telling you and how can you handle them? Well, if you are picking up any kind of sewer smell from a drain in your sinks, tub or shower you could have a serious problem on your hands. Typically when sewer smells are present inside a home it indicates that the sewer line has a blockage of some kind. The typical blockages that form in a sewer line result from a clog that forms from a buildup of organic material or from a tree root that has popped through your sewer pipe. Before we can apply any trenchless solutions to the problem, we have to investigate further. This means having to take a look at the sewer pipe that runs across your property and sits underground.

The theory behind trenchless technology is that sewer repairs and replacements can be made without disturbing a great deal of the ground being examined or repaired. The way we get to look at your sewer line is actually from the inside with something called a sewer camera inspection. The inspection part involves digging a small hole down to a pipe connection location in your yard. Then once the pipes are disconnected, we insert a video camera into the pipelines, and it can be moved up and down the length of the pipe so we can examine it in great detail.

The camera sends a closed-circuit video feed to a technician on site. Our technician examines the video and it is from this that the source of your sewer line blockage will be identified. If it is a clog that has formed from a lot of organic material or if it is a tree root we have another trenchless solution to remedy this called hydro jetting. Hydro jetting is a cleaning process in which we insert a hose and nozzle into your sewer line and release a highly pressurized blast of water. It is so strong that it will strip the sides of the inside of the pipe removing all material attached to it forming clogs, while also cutting through tree roots with ease.

For more information on how we can help with keeping the drains clear of your Katy, Texas home, contact us today at Sewer Co.

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