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Why Hydro Jetting Technology is the Best Method for Drain Pipe Line Cleaning in Pasadena, TX

The truth is, most homeowners really don’t spend a lot of time thinking about these things. If you are like most homeowners, you probably have plenty of other things on your mind that require your attention on a daily basis. The majority of individuals don’t really think about having drain pipe line cleaning performed until they start to have significant plumbing problems as a direct result of not having this type of cleaning done for years and years. However, when you really stop and think about it, you might be interested to know a few things about hydro jetting technology and why it is so effective.

For decades, drain pipe line cleaning was conducted by running a snake down into the pipes in order to clean them out. Typically, this type of method worked fairly well and in most cases, it would alleviate future plumbing problems for several months, if not a number of years. However, it is not as effective as hydro jetting and in many cases, the older method is only used in specific situations where hydro jetting would not be possible.

The reason that hydro jetting has become the go-to method for pipe line cleaning is because of its enormous level of effectiveness in doing so. Just as the name implies, it is accomplished by running water through the pipe at an extremely high rate of speed. This builds up a lot of water pressure, effectively blasting away any gunk or debris that are lodged in the pipe. Typically, this can be done in a minimum amount of time and it is so effective that it often completely cleans the pipes out and keeps them that way for a number of years. In other words, it means that you don’t have to worry about calling a plumber out to your home or your place of business as often for the purposes of cleaning out the drains. However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind if you are considering having your drains cleaned using this method.

As previously mentioned, hydro jetting builds up a large amount of pressure inside the pipe as the cleaning is being conducted. This is necessary in order for the water to clear out any debris that might exist. While this is an extremely effective method, there are certain situations where you would be better off using the older method that involves using the snake to clean a drain. For example, older pipes that are far more fragile than newer, sturdier pipes, may not be able to take the pressure that is involved in hydro jetting. In fact, a pipe that is already fragile could be broken apart by the water pressure that is created when using this technique. Therefore, pipes that are older or that have previously been damaged for some other reason are usually not recommended for hydro jetting. However, when the pipe is in good condition and it is able to withstand the pressure, it is easily one of the most effective methods in existence.

When you call a plumber to clean your drains, the pipes will be inspected before anything else is done.

The plumber is inspecting the lines in order to ensure that they are capable of withstanding the hydro jetting process. They are carefully examined with a camera that is operated throughout the length of the line. If there is any doubt whatsoever that the line is capable of handling the pressure, the older method is typically recommended. The last thing any plumber wants to do is make the situation worse by using a technique that causes further damage to a pipe that is already fragile.

If your pipes are capable of withstanding the hydro jetting process, it is practically like you have brand new lines once the drains have been cleaned. This is vitally important for a lot of homeowners, especially when you have a problem with tree roots getting down into your plumbing system on a routine basis. Hydro jetting is easily the most effective method for clearing out this type of debris, thus saving you from having plumbing problems associated with tree roots in the future. Therefore, you should consider having your drains cleaned on a routine basis in order to protect your drains and in doing so, don’t be afraid to discuss the possibility of using the hydro jetting process with your plumber.

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