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Sewer Camera Inspection Anaheim, CA

Anaheim shares a problem with many other cities across the US: an aging sewer infrastructure that needs to be taken care of before it fails. Thousands of homes in Anaheim have sewer pipes made of clay, which starts to turn brittle as time passes. If they are not regularly checked out and properly maintained, joints between the pipes will start to loosen, and cracks and leak will happen on the pipe’s walls.

Even if the sewer line is made of other materials, they all have their own set of issues. Cast iron pipes, for example, are prone to corrosion, while older homes might still have pipes made of Orangeburg, which is obsolete and should be replaced as soon as possible before the pipes burst and cause extensive damage.

But no matter what the pipe is made of, they can all get clogged up. All the waste that gets sent down the drains through the years can stick to the inner surface of the pipe and build up, causing a blockage that will slow down the water flow. This can also be happening due to tree roots, which penetrate the sewer line and grow inside it, creating a thick mat that will also keep the waste and water from passing through.

Finding out what the pipes in your home are made of is not so easy. They are buried underground and reaching them means having to dig them out, which can be an expensive job. Treating a cracked clay pipe is not the same as a sturdy iron one, so this is valuable information. Same goes for removing an obstruction; knowing what is causing the clog, and where exactly it is located, can narrow down the time it takes to complete the repair.

Today, thanks to modern plumbing equipment, we can eliminate any guesswork and provide an accurate diagnostic about your sewer line problems. We use small video cameras to provide our sewer camera inspection in Anaheim, California, and surrounding areas. These waterproof devices are inserted into the drain and travel through the sewer line, sending a live video feed of what they find on the way so our technician can watch it on a nearby monitor.

Using a camera for a sewer inspection has many benefits. For starters, it pinpoints the exact location of the problematic area so we can focus on it. Not only will it show us where the problem is, but also what is causing it. This is important because it eliminates any speculation and can clarify if a pipe has an obstruction inside, if it has collapsed, or if there is another issue. It will also show what the pipe is made of to help us decide which is the best approach to take.

These are just a few of the advantages of having a sewer camera inspection done on your property. Our staff is trained to use these cameras efficiently and will provide you with a copy of the examination on a DVD. Schedule your next inspection with one of our plumbing technicians and forget about your home’s sewer problems. We look forward to working with you and to put our 30 years of experience at your service.

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