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Sewer Camera Inspection Baytown, TX

At Sewer Co., our team of experts relies on sewer camera inspections as the most effective and accurate way of diagnosing problems plaguing your sewer lines. For residents of Baytown, you can rely on our staff to offer this valuable service that will allow us to restore your sewer lines back to normal without delay and can even be used for preventative maintenance on your pipes as well.

We either dig small holes to establish a connection to the pipes or utilize existing access points to conduct our inspections, and this minimally invasive approach allows us to save a significant amount of time. Our cameras are small enough to fit in lateral lines and this allows us to inspect pipelines of any diameter without concerns of the camera fitting inside of them. Our cameras can be navigated throughout the sewer lines, allowing our technicians to more closely inspect problem areas if needed and ensure that the entire sewer line is accounted for over the course of our inspection. Our cameras capture high-quality images for our technicians to refer to, feeding the footage to a monitor that our technicians use to see the condition of your pipelines, and the images and video recorded expose any problem in your sewer line.

Our technicians will be able to identify areas of deterioration, including where tree roots have penetrated the pipeline and formed a clog, the location of a clog formed by organic materials, as well as the presence of cracks, leaks, and holes, no matter how small they may be. We record the inspection and can also provide our customers with a copy of the footage recorded if requested. After the problems have been accurately diagnosed, we will move forward with the repairs and cleaning sessions as needed. The solution we recommend is dependent on the type of problem being treated, but at Sewer Co., we make sure that our technicians are fully equipped to handle any situation that they encounter and begin the rehabilitation process immediately.

At Sewer Co., we offer our sewer camera inspections for our customers not just in emergency situations, but also for maintenance as well. Our inspections can allow for proactive, regular cleanings and encourage homeowners to maintain their pipes more carefully. With frequent check-ups, we will be able to identify problems before they cause expensive accidents and remove them accordingly. This will extend the lifespan of your pipelines and ensure that extensive repairs won’t be required in the future because the problems are being caught while they are still small.

To book your appointment or discuss the inspection process and the trenchless solutions we offer, call us today. The no-dig solution to sewer line problems starts with our sewer camera inspections, and we are proud to offer these innovative solutions to our customers without tearing up their yard, garden, landscaping, or sidewalks in the process. For service in and around Baytown, you can reach our office at Sewer Co. by calling us at 844-787-4047, and we will be happy to help you.

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