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Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair Baytown, TX

Trenchless Pipe Repair Baytown TX

Baytown, Texas Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair

For trenchless sewer pipe repair services, residents of Baytown can turn to us at Sewer Co. Our services incorporate trenchless technology to effectively rehabilitate your sewer lines, making our process more eco-friendly and cost-effective than the traditional dig-and-replace methods.

In order for our trenchless sewer pipe repairs to be effective and long-lasting, we conduct a sewer camera inspection after we arrive on your property. The camera is inserted into the pipeline through an access point to the pipe connection. The camera provides our experts with a clear view of the condition of the sewer lines without needing to dig and forcibly remove them out of the ground. Our technicians will rely on the information revealed from our inspection to diagnose the problem and determine the best, trenchless-based solution for fixing it. Before we can repair the sewer line, it first needs to be cleaned of any debris and excess waste that may be trapped in its interior. We employ hydro jetting to clean the pipes, and this method involves blasting the waste out of the pipe with the force of high-pressure water ejected from a specially designed nozzle attached to the hose. This method serves two functions, not only cleaning the pipe of any clogs or tree roots, but also removing the waste accumulation along the walls and restoring the original diameter of the sewer line. This ensures that our solution will be effective and installed properly.

Baytown Texas Trenchless Pipe Repair

Types of Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repairs

We have two types of trenchless sewer pipe repair processes that are recommended depending on the severity of the damage found in the sewer line, trenchless pipe lining and pipe bursting. Our trenchless pipe lining process is employed to fix leaks or cracks that have developed in the sewer line. The liner is a flexible, epoxy-coated sleeve that is inserted into the pipe and positioned where the cracks and leaks are. This liner can extend the entire length of the sewer line or a small section of it, making it a versatile solution. Once it is set in place, hot water is sent through the pipe, causing a chemical reaction that allows the liner to cure in place. After a few hours, the liner solidifies into a solid pipe within the original pipe and remains there, acting as the new sewer line. This solution provides results that will last up to fifty years, ensuring that the lining will continue to function smoothly and that no further repairs will be needed.

If the sewer line has collapsed and cannot be repaired with trenchless pipe lining, we will recommend pipe bursting as the preferred solution. The pipe bursting process involves inserting a bursting head into the sewer line. As it moves through the old line, fracturing it apart, a new pipeline is pulled in from behind the machine, allowing the new pipe to be installed simultaneously as the old pipe is broken apart.In either scenario, our trenchless methods keep the pipes underground, reducing the cost of labor and repairs by ensuring that our work is tactical and precise. Because our repairs are fast and can be completed within a single day, the water services in your home don’t need to be shut off for long periods of time, and you can resume your regular routine.

Contact Sewer Co. of Baytown, TX Today

For more information about our services, call Sewer Co. at 844-787-4047, and we will be happy to discuss our trenchless sewer pipe repair services with you.

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