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Drain Cleaning Costa Mesa, California

Drain Cleaning Costa Mesa CA

Costa Mesa, CA Drain Cleaning

Are you experiencing foul odors in, or around, your home? This is a sign of a bigger problem, and you need to invest in a professional drain cleaning. Have no fear, Sewer Co, is here to help you.

Why do I need drain cleaning services?

Obviously, you know that your pipes carry that wastewater underneath your home to ensure sewage and other dangerous by-products of daily life are carried away to the sewer. When buildup blocks your pipes, it leads to a backup. This causes drain problems including slow drains and foul smells, but this can be fixed with relatively little cost.

Drain cleaning is a process used by professional pipe companies to eradicate this problem completely. While buildup can occur frequently, especially in cracked, broken, improperly installed, old, or otherwise compromised pipes, our drain cleaning team can get these blockages removed, and suggest fixes for any other issues they may discover in the process.

Why you shouldn’t use drain cleaning solutions from the store or DIY?

Oftentimes, you can find DIY solutions for drain blockages online, or drain cleaning products like liquid plumber at the store. Do not use these solutions. They can cause a bigger problem later on when you’re forced to bring in a professional. These solutions show you a romanticized version of pipe cleaning assuring you they are just as a good as a pro; they aren’t.

Most of these methods are reliant upon harsh chemicals or household item combinations like baking soda and vinegar. While it may seem like you’re saving time, you’re really destroying your pipes. These chemicals erode, corrode, and break down your pipes. This is especially true of cast iron or clay pipes, which have been installed in older homes.

Costa Mesa California Drain Cleaning

So I need a professional service. What will you do to help me that DIY solutions won’t?

With the aid of a professional, courteous service like ours, you can have your problem fixed in a matter of hours. We use a specific technology in drain cleaning called hydro-jetting. This involves the use of highly pressurized water to blast out clogs, small to large, from your pipes.

These clogs include the buildup of grease, food, fats, hairs, soaps, and other nasty stuff from your showers, kitchens, and toilets. With the hydro-jetting method, your pipes can be cleaned completely in a matter of hours, and it allows us to fully inspect a clean pipe.

If we find further problems, such as cracking or breaking, we can employ further methods using trenchless technology to coat the inside of your pipes in a resin that seals any leaks. This resin hardens, creating a pipe within a pipe, completely sealing it off. It cuts your pipes down by about a quarter of an inch, but doesn’t interfere with their function.

So why Sewer Co?

We have over 30 years of experiencing handling complex situations involving trenchless technologies, pipe replacement, repair, and drain cleaning. We’re intent on providing you with local, easy service, which is why we’re located so close to you. We service areas including Irvine, Orange, Tustin, Santa Ana, and Anaheim.

Contact Sewer Co. of Costa Mesa, California Today

Residential areas like yours aren’t our only forte. We also perform commercial and municipal work in the cities we service. We offer service seven days a week, are easy to get in touch with via phone and email and provide you with expert service. Call us today for your drain cleaning service.

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