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Sewer Camera Inspection Costa Mesa, California

Sewer Camera Inspection Costa Mesa California

Costa Mesa, CA Sewer Camera Inspection

Many customers come to us complaining of spending hundreds of dollars on sewer pipe maintenance, only to find that the problem has come back.  That’s because most pipe layers in Costa Mesa, California only predict the problem based on their experience and knowledge. They could be wrong. And if that’s what’s happening to you, your average plumber might be doing more harm than good. He can’t see inside your sewer pipes, but a sewer camera can. And a situation like this calls for a sewer camera inspection.

What’s a Sewer Camera Inspection?

Pipe technology has advanced quite swiftly in the last few years. Cameras are no longer confined to just your cell phones and tablets. Now you can inspect your sewer pipes through cameras too. Sewer Inspection cameras are very small to fit even the smallest pipes. Plus, they are waterproof. These cameras are attached to a monitor. This monitor displays your sewer pipes as the camera travels inside the pipes.

These cameras also have an inbuilt transmitter attached to them. When the camera spots a root intrusion or any problem, the transmitter helps determine the exact location of that problem. So, not only do you know what’s wrong with the sewer pipes, you also know precisely where the problem is.

Costa Mesa California Sewer Camera Inspection

Benefits of a Sewer Camera Inspection

A Sewer Camera Inspection with Sewer Co. offers these benefits:

Get an accurate diagnosis of your Sewer Blockage

When you have a sewer blockage, you don’t have to go around guessing what could be wrong. Plus it often leads to frustration when you realize the problem’s still there. For example, if the sewer line is blocked with root intrusions, a regular drain cleaning won’t solve the problem.

Fixes the problem the first time

Many plumbers in Costa Mesa California still haven’t invested in a sewer camera. They would rather attempt to guess the problem and hope for the best. With this approach, it may take two, three or even more tries to fix the real problem. With a sewer camera inspection, you get right to the heart of the matter the first time around.

You trust your plumbers

With a sewer camera inspection, you can see your sewer pipes right on the screen. You can sit with our plumbers while we inspect your pipes. We won’t just tell you what’s wrong with your sewer pipes; we show you the problem. This builds trust. You can now relax knowing your sewer pipes are in the right hands.

Prevent Future Blockages

Now you know what’s causing the blockage. It can be because your son likes to push Play-doh down the sewer pipes. You can see it right on the screen. In the future, you will take care of your drain pipes better. This means fewer blockages.

Contact Sewer Co. of Costa Mesa, California Today

Are your sewer pipes mysteriously clogging up all the time? Find out why by booking a sewer camera inspection with Sewer Co. We provide our inspection services in Costa Mesa California and the surrounding areas.

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