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Sewer Lining In Fort Worth, Texas

Sewer Lining In Fort Worth Texas

Fort Worth, Texas Sewer Lining

Sewer Co. has excellent news for our clients: repairing your sewer line is easier, faster, and less invasive than ever. The days of arduous, time-consuming, and property-damaging sewer repair are over. Even if you need to replace the entire pipeline, Sewer Co. has the skills and equipment to do it with trenchless technology. Sewer lining is offered to all of our clients in the Fort Worth area. With more than thirty years’ in business, and ten years’ worth of trenchless sewer repair experience, Sewer Co. is the ideal plumber to handle repairing and replacing your sewer line with pipe lining technology.

What Is Sewer Lining?

Unfamiliar with pipe lining? Pipe lining is a trenchless form of pipe repair, perfect for sewer lines, that occurs entirely within the existing pipeline. Unlike traditional sewer repair methods, sewer lining does not require digging into landscaping and driveways to manually replace the pipes. Instead, it involves the use of an epoxy resin, inserted into an existing access point to the sewer line, to “renew” the inside of the pipes, essentially creating new pipes within the old ones.

 Fort Worth Texas Sewer Lining Cost

How Is Sewer Lining Performed?

Sewer Co. technicians will perform a professional inspection on your sewer line, using a waterproof, hi-definition camera. The feed from the camera, which is inserted into the sewer pipes, gives our technicians the information needed to properly diagnose pipe function and any areas of disrepair that need attention. After the inspection, if sewer lining is the chosen method of repair, the pipeline will be cleaned and prepped for application. An epoxy resin is soaked into a felt liner and then inserted into the pipeline through a cleanout. A cleanout is an existing access point to the plumbing in your home and is how Sewer Co. technicians avoid digging into your property. The liner is pulled through the sewer line and then inflated with forced hot air, until it hardens into a new pipe within the old. Sewer lining can be used to repair areas of the pipeline or replace the entire system.

The Benefits of Sewer Lining

The epoxy pipes created during sewer lining are environmentally-friendly and non-toxic. They resist corrosion and tree roots, which pose the biggest issue to sewer lines and are common causes of disrepair and breakdown. Because of their tough makeup, epoxy resin lasts for fifty years or more and requires little maintenance.

Sewer lining offers benefits to property owners during installation, too. It can be completed in a few days or less, as opposed to digging trenches, which can take weeks and require extra labor. Clients enjoy a routine that is as uninterrupted as possible during repairs and have their sewer lines up and running again quickly.

Contact Sewer Co. of Fort Worth, TX Today

Eventually, the pipes at your property will need to be replaced. It is a fact of property ownership that cannot be avoided. Sewer Co. recommends yearly maintenance and inspections, so you stay on top of pipe conditions. You’ll know it’s time for a repair or replacement after a routine inspection reveals disrepair, or you notice leaking. Our dispatchers are on hand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to field calls and schedule inspections, so call today to get your pipes running smoothly again.

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