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Sewer Camera Inspection Galveston, TX

Sewer Camera Inspection Galveston TX

Sewer Camera Inspection Galveston, TX

No homeowner should have to rely on guesswork to determine the state of their pipes. Repair work should be performed with precision, minimally invasive techniques, and the most innovative technology. This is why the expertly trained technicians at Sewer Co in Galveston, Texas rely on closed-circuit television (CCTV) sewer camera inspections to examine pipelines before deciding what actions are best for your home.

Galveston Texas Sewer Camera Inspection

Sewer Co Employs The Latest Technology For The Best Results

Sewer camera inspections are performed with a high-definition, waterproof sewer camera mounted on a flexible steel hose. This device gives us visual evidence of the state of your sewer line and can even turn around sharp corners. Our licensed professionals insert this device into a drain or exit point in your pipeline and can thereby inspect the full pipeline without needing to dig up your pipes and destroy property. The specialized camera is controlled remotely and feeds back in real time to a video monitor where we can carefully examine your pipeline and show you anything we encounter.

The result is complete knowledge of the state of your sewer line. We not only check for the location and extent of the problem but we also examine the pipes to identify:

  • Any corrosion or mineral calcification
  • Pipe size
  • Material
  • Location and condition of laterals and joints

The Sewer Co technician then has all the information needed to resolve the problem without harming your home or grounds. Slightly misaligned pipes, for example, can be quickly remedied by inserting and inflating a lining bathed in an epoxy resin to seal the leak. Buildup may be removed with the innovative technique of hydro jetting. Our experts will suggest solutions such as these once they know the composition and fragility of your pipeline and all of our remedies are safe and effective when we are fully informed regarding the pipe’s size and condition.

This inspection process allows us to have a complete picture of what must be addressed in your sewer line, including current issues and anything that will potentially raise concerns in the future. We may be called in to resolve one problem, such as a slow-drain caused by blockage, only to discover proof of a different situation, such as root incursion or a pipeline break. Most importantly, this is proof that we can show you, the homeowner, before discussing what actions you would like us to take next.

Don’t Leave The Condition Of Your Sewer Line To Chance With Sewer Co

Sewer camera inspections are also an important part of regular pipeline maintenance. We can catch issues such as corrosion, small cracks, and partial blockages early, giving us the chance to resolve them before they have a major effect on your property. A CCTV inspection can also be a useful follow-up to repairs, allowing the homeowner to check the work’s quality and efficacy and ensuring we catch anything that was previously overlooked.

Contact Sewer Co. of Galveston, Texas Today

Call today to ask one of our licensed Sewer Co professionals to perform a quick but thorough inspection of your sewer line. We always come prepared to resolve any problem and our trenchless pipeline repairs can often be completed the same day.

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