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Sewer Pipe Repair Galveston, TX

Trenchless Sewer Drain Pipe Repair Galveston

Sewer Pipe Repair Galveston, Texas

If you are a Galveston homeowner experiencing a leak or growing sink in your yard or if that nagging voice in your head, reminding you that your sewage line should be inspected regularly, is becoming difficult to ignore, then you have found the right place. Whether you require a step-by-step breakdown of our process or wish to invest in trenchless sewer repairs and avoid the extra hassle of digging you your yard to replace a damaged pipe, our fast service and expertly trained sewer repair specialists at Sewer Co can meet all of your needs.

Sewer Camera Inspection

When we first send in our technicians, they will complete a full inspection of your sewer pipeline. This includes surveying the land under which the pipeline runs, but does not mean that we have to dig to access the pipes. Instead, we use a sophisticated, non-invasive closed-captioning television (CCTV) video inspection. Our experts access your pipeline through a pre-existing opening and insert a high-quality camera that feeds back to our monitors. Both our technicians and the homeowner then have access to valuable information about the composition and condition of the complete sewer line.

Traditional Sewer Repair

After inspecting your pipeline and clearing it of any debris and buildup, the Sewer Co technicians can discuss repair options with you depending on your needs. The traditional tactic for solving any major issue in the pipeline was to dig a trench in the affected area and remove and replace the damaged length of pipe. Although effective, this approach generally leaves extensive damage to your grounds and other structures. In a continuing effort to pursue the most innovative repair techniques, Sewer Co offers a better slate of solutions: trenchless sewer repair.

Trenchless Sewer Drain Pipe Repair Texas

Trenchless Sewer Repair

With service that can take as little as one day, our trenchless repair options can tackle any problem without the standard consequences of destroyed gardens and sidewalks. We offer trenchless solutions for any situation, starting with hydro jetting – our standard approach to clearing blockages and thoroughly cleaning the pipeline – and ranging to cured-in-place pipe lining and pipe bursting. Sewer lining is the use of an epoxy-resin soaked lining to seal off cracks or corrosion in your pipes. This process is fast and more affordable than trench-dependent repair. For an extensively damaged or degraded sewer line, another option may be pipe bursting. The process only requires two openings on either side of the damage, so your property remains intact. We then use a burst head to break through and replace the old pipe with a new, seamless pipeline.

We follow all work with a final sewer camera check to ensure the repair’s quality and that no issues were overlooked. Although continued regular maintenance is always recommended, our repairs give you years of unbroken peace-of-mind – so the voice telling you to have your pipeline checked again and again can finally take a break.

Call Sewer Co. of Galveston, TX For Excellent Repairs

Sewer Co has been serving Texas contractors, businesses, and homeowners for 30 years. As such, we have the necessary experience to offer the highest quality repairs and the foresight to stay on the cutting edge of sewer repair technology. Call today to speak with a licensed professional about leaks, slow draining, or any other problems in your Galveston home’s sewer line.

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