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Trenchless Pipe Lining in Galveston, Texas

Whether you are a business looking for competitively priced service, or a homeowner who needs dependable, quick, and effective repairs to save you both time and money, Sewer Co is the best option for all of your pipeline needs. As Galveston’s leading commercial and residential experts, we are devoted to providing our customers with excellent results that they can rely on for many years.

Benefits Of Trenchless Pipe Lining In Galveston

The best solution to cracked, damaged, or leaking pipes is trenchless pipe lining. Through a process that creates a brand-new pipe inside of your old damaged one, your piping system will be more efficient than ever. This process is the most cost-effective solution since it doesn’t require any digging and can typically be completed in just one day, opposed to traditional methods that may cost thousands of dollars and weeks or even months to complete. Best of all, it does not require any digging and is more eco-friendly since it is building inside of the system already in place.

With Galveston’s high heat, pipelines in the area are prone to experiencing complications due to the intensity of the temperature. Trenchless pipe lining allows us to rehabilitate the pipe with this temperature fluctuation in mind. Our epoxy resin is designed to be durable and anti-corrosive once it hardens, but in addition to that, it is also resistant to temperature changes and other environmental factors. This helps protect the pipe from cracking or shifting, ensuring that it will continue to function smoothly.

The Steps Of Trenchless Pipe Lining

At Sewer Co, we start all of our visits with an inspection that gives us direct access to the inside of your pipes. This allows for a much thorough and precise inspection, guaranteeing that the problem will be exposed. The CCTV cameras we use provide our experts with a live video feed as the camera is navigated throughout the pipes, and with its easy maneuverability, we ensure that nothing is missed during our inspection.

If we find a clog, corrosion, or waste accumulation built up inside of the pipe, we will take steps to clean it away with our hydro jetting equipment. In this process, we utilize a powerful stream of hot water that removes anything that may be blocking the pipe as well as any sludge that could cause a clog in the future.

If trenchless pipe lining is determined to be the best solution, an inflatable liner will be assembled and coated in a special epoxy resin that, once cured, will be as strong if not stronger than a PVC pipe. This liner will be inserted into the pipe and inflated to fit the old one perfectly, filling any cracks or breaks that may be causing problems to your system. This trenchless technology will not only increase the life of your pipes by 50 years but is seamless and will serve you better than other types of pipes.

Call Sewer Co To Learn More

If you are experiencing any issues or if your system is not working as well as it should be, call Sewer Co. We are committed to offering solutions that are convenient and affordable for our customers, and with trenchless technology at the forefront of everything we do, we can guarantee that our services will be satisfactory and long-lasting.

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