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Drain Cleaning Houston, TX

Drain Cleaning Houston Texas

Need The Best Drain Cleaning Service in Huston, Texas?

Drain cleaning is essential to ensuring your sewer lines maintain optimal flow and avoid unexpected sewer backups. At Sewer Co., we offer innovative drain cleaning methods to fit the unique needs of residents and businesses in Houston.

Our Drain Cleaning Services

At Sewer Co., our drain cleaning solutions take advantage of the most effective tools available for reliable results. Our sewer snake service uses a specialized cable with a cutting tip that is inserted into the drain through regularly installed access points. The technician works the snake into the clog and breaks it up, washing away small particles and extracting larger materials that are obstructing the drain. Snaking is very effective for cleaning drains clogged by typical household waste such as food debris and paper products.

We also offer state-of-the-art hydro jetting services for chronic drain problems, tough blockages, and even preventive drain care. The technician inserts a water hose with a high-pressure sprayer at the tip that is specially designed to spray in all directions. This tip applies the pressurized water to fully clean the inside of the drain, breaking up any clogs or roots and scouring away tough buildup. The pulverized debris washes down the drain, leaving the pipes clean and clear. For local businesses and industries, a routine annual drain cleaning promotes optimum water flow for waste removal and eliminates recurring blockages caused by narrowing of pipes that can affect production and customer approval ratings. For Houston homeowners, the relatively minor cost of a yearly drain cleaning and inspection can save thousands in expensive sewer repairs later.

Houston TX Drain Cleaning

Cleaning Sediment Deposits

Flooding from heavy rains and Gulf storms can deposit sand and silt into drains that collect in joints and elbows. Over time, this sediment hardens and forms a rock-like buildup that severely obstructs sewer flow. Our hydro jetting technology will break up tough sediment deposits and wash them away.

Removing Tree Roots

Tree root penetration is another frequent drain issue in the Houston area. During drought periods, tree roots work their way into pipe connections to reach the water inside. As the roots grow, they separate and break the pipes, causing costing damage. Whether you have minor root penetration or a severe infiltration, we have the right methods to effectively clean roots from your drain.

To ensure we always offer the right solutions for every client, Sewer Co will fully evaluate your drain cleaning needs before recommending a treatment program for you. We have video drain inspection technology available that allows us to look inside your drain with a high-tech camera to check for hidden issues. Once we identify the areas the need cleaning, we’ll work with you to develop a correction plan for long-term results.

Call Sewer Co. of Huston, TX Today for Your Drain Cleaning Evaluation

Whether you already have a poorly functioning drain or want to prevent problems in the future, at Sewer Co., we have the best technology for your drain cleaning needs. Our expert technicians will identify the source of your problem and provide a successful treatment program for your unique needs. Call us today!

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