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Sewer Lining Irvine, CA

Its such a hassle whenever something happens to your sewer or drain pipes. Residential and commercial owners can experience the following sewer line issues- excessive calcification, damage via ground movement, shifting soil, root intrusion and cracking, breaking or collapsing due to age. Did you know that these sewer line issues could potentially cost thousands upon thousands of dollars if left to develop into a major repair?

Disruption of daily life and operation are also cause for concerns, not to mention all the health risks from the harmful bacteria and mold escaping into living spaces. Backups normally cause a sewer line to overflow, which straight up the drain, the toilet or the sink. Outright replacement via traditional sewer line methods mean massive excavation of your property, including your lawn, yard and the landscape you’ve worked hard to beautify and maintain.

Trenchless technology is now available, and it can save you all the trouble that comes with traditional repair methods. Find out how Sewer Lining Irvine, CA can help with your sewer pipe concerns

Why Dig If You Don’t Have To?

Our excellent trenchless method of sewer pipe repair means there’s no more digging of your precious property. Cutting a huge swath of land isn’t a requirement when you opt in for the no dig technology. A sewer lining solves most problems associated with sewer pipe issues. There’s no more leaking, cracking, root intrusion, holes and corrosion. What’s more, you get a new pipe material that’s much more durable than most traditional material used before.

Pipe relining has been around the block for decades. Cities such as Irvine have been reaping the benefits of this remarkable sewer repair technique. The method is open to any structure, whether residential, commercial, industrial or municipal spaces.

In simpler terms, pipe relining can be called the pipe within a pipe when the process is completed. It all starts with a thorough camera inspection in order to pinpoint the exact cause of the issue within your sewer lines. Your damaged pipe is cleansed of any and all kinds of debris to prepare it for the trenchless repair. Only one access point will be needed to get inside the ailing sewer pipe. By making use of the old structure, our plumbers do an inversion method that puts in a two-part epoxy resin liner that is set to harden in just a few hours. After that, a final inspection is done to ensure the operation is a success.

A reline is essentially upgrading your old pipes to that of a seamless, more durable one. Roots will have no way to invade, as there are no joints or weak points in the structure. Calcification is no longer an occurrence because the inner lining won’t collect foreign deposits.

A Sewer Lining Irvine, CA will take up approximately half a day to complete, which is a marvel compared to weeks of digging up your property via traditional methods. You can save up to 40% on total costs with the newer plumbing repair method. Moreover, you can be sure that the repair you’re about to undertake is fully compliant in regards to code specifications and 100% approved by local plumbing authorities. Contact Sewer Co at 844-787-4047 and have your trenchless sewer lining done today for total peace of mind.

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