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Trenchless Sewer Repair
Irvine, CA

Sewer pipes are essential for daily life functions. Through years of use, your sewer pipes become vulnerable and break down, which can lead to cracking, leaking and clogging. Roots could weaken your pipes at the joints and invade it. Impedance will slow the flow of sewage and can even cause your sewer lines to back up. These inconveniences can really put a damper in anyone’s day.

Why You Should NOT Dig And Replace Your Pipes

Before, the only way to have your sewer lines replaced was to dig an extensive hole right on your walls, your yard or your front lawn. In the end, the problem comes back and charges you more than what you expected. The labor costs and the operation of heavy machines will put a significant dent in your wallet. Don’t forget the landscape costs to put everything back the way they were. Nowadays, when your sewer line breaks, there’s an alternate option that’s infinitely better than traditional methods. Trenchless Sewer Repair Irvine, CA is available so you won’t have to dig your precious landscape to get your toilet and drain back in good shape.

The Permanent Solution to Your Sewer Problems

Our certified plumbers can provide excellent trenchless sewer repair that can save you both time and money. Sewer Co offers the better and greener method in putting your sewer pipes back to work for, your family or your company. Only one access point is created, and the trenchless technology is all done above your property. This means there’s no street openings and no temporary patching needed. Plus, there’s no repairing your landscape afterwards.

There are two ways our expert technicians can handle your sewer pipe issues:

Pipe Relining. A two-part epoxy resin liner is fed through the broken sewer pipe to create a ‘pipe within a pipe’ solution.

Pipe Bursting. A larger diameter-shaped bursting head is fed through the old pipe, which bursts it apart and sends the fragments to the surrounding soil. A new pipe is pulled along at the same time.

Trenchless technology installs a highly durable pipe that prevents the following issues:

Calcification in Sewer Lines

The calcium content found in water accumulates in the pipes and form a crust over time. This is called ‘calcification’ and it could clog your drain and pipe lines. In a trenchless pipe relining process, the insides of your pipe will be coated with epoxy resin, which effectively eliminates calcification because calcium can no longer collect on the inside of the new pipe. Future blockage is reduced and flow is greater than before.

Protects Your Sewer Line’s Integrity

Underground movement such as earthquakes can damage your drain, sewer or water lines. Minor ones can cause structural damage and cracking in the weakest points, which are the joints. The epoxy coating adheres on to the damaged pipe and form a new pipe along the same length. Your sewer lines are future proof for 50 years or more.

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