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Sewer Camera Inspection In Katy, Texas

Sewer Camera Inspection In Katy Texas

Katy, TX Sewer Camera Inspection

Far too many property owners fail to pay attention to their sewer system until a major crisis strikes. By then it is too late to take any preventative maintenance measures. Instead they are facing expensive sewer repairs with the potential of having the entire system completely overhauled or even replaced. If you own residential, commercial, or industrial real estate it is tremendously important to hire a professional sewer camera inspection specialist, like Sewer Co, on a yearly basis. This holds especially true if your property is over forty years old.

When sewer pipes are sitting in the ground for that long they tend to rust, rot, chip, crack, and break due to normal wear and tear. Most sewer related problems start out small and grow into larger problems over time. The irony is that if these situations are taken care of in a timely manner than costly sewer repairs, system overhauls, and pipeline replacement can be avoided. Think of it like a yearly checkup at your physician’s office. Most likely the sewer camera inspection will result in a clean bill of health.

However, if there are any issues that are uncovered a plan of action can be put into place to rectify the situation. The sewer camera inspection is a painless process. After you contact us to set up an appointment a highly experienced and well-trained technician will arrive at your home, place of business, and or investment property at the designated day and time. He or she will be carrying a bunch of high-tech video related equipment including a flexible rod that has a small, waterproof video camera attached to the end.

Katy TX Sewer Camera Inspection

The flexible rod is inserted into the sewer system through an already established access point such as a drain cleanout. The rod itself is flexible enough that it can travel through the entire sewer pipeline including any bends or corners. As the rod is being fed through, the video camera is taking high-resolution images of the interior of the sewer pipes. These images are transmitted back to the technician in real time where they can be viewed on a portable electronic device such as a laptop computer, tablet, or smartphone.

The video is so clear that the technician is able to see even the smallest problems or even potential problems within the sewer pipeline. If an issue requires immediate attention the good news is that it was discovered prior to becoming a major situation. That being said many of the smaller problems and potential problems do not require immediate attention. They can be tracked in future sewer camera inspections and taken care of at the point that repairs are required.

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Sewer Co is a leading sewer camera inspection specialist that is proud to serve our valued customers in Katy, Texas and surrounding areas. Each and every member of our team of plumbing technicians has years of experience. They are also trained in the newest plumbing equipment, procedures, and technology in order to provide you with the most cost effective and efficient plumbing solutions available on the market. Please contact us with any and all questions, or to schedule a free estimate for all of your plumbing needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

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