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Sewer Lining In Katy, Texas

Sewer Lining In Katy Texas Cost

Katy, TX Sewer Lining

Sewer lining in Katy, Texas is an innovative plumbing process that does not require the excavation of a large and damaging trench in order to reach the sewer pipes for repair. The technology was invented approximately fifteen years ago. It enables forward thinking plumbing contractors, like Sewer Co to offer customers an approach to sewer repair that saves money and time while avoiding the destruction of landscaping and hardscaping. Sewer lining works great on sewer pipelines at residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

It can also be utilized in department of public works, otherwise know as DPW applications such as the city or town’s main sewer line if the plumbing contractor holds a special license for that type of work. The traditional excavation technique of sewer repair has been in use for many years. In order to repair or replace the sewer pipeline a large hole or trench must be excavated along the length and depth of the sewer pipes. Most sewer pipelines run directly under lawns, shrubs, trees, flowerbeds, mulch beds, patios, driveways, sidewalks, walkways, and parking lots.

Needless to say the trench destroys anything and everything in its path. Property owners must account for the expense and time it takes for the landscaping and hardscaping to be replaced, as the plumbing contractor is only responsible for filling the trench back in with dirt. By the time the trench is excavated, the sewer pipeline repair work is completed, and the trench is filled back in it can end up being multiple weeks, and cost well over $25,000. Then add the landscaping and hardscaping on top of that.

Katy Texas Sewer Lining Cost

You could very well be looking at a sewer repair job that ends up costing a minimum of $35,000 plus. The good news for property owners in Katy, Texas is that trenchless sewer lining is approximately fifty-percent more cost effective than the traditional excavation method. It also takes as little as one day to complete the entire process, enabling the property to be back up and running like normal in the most minimal time frame as possible. At this point you may be wondering how it works.

Trenchless sewer lining incorporates the use of technology instead of excavation. A small access point is made at one end of the sewer pipeline. From there a high-tech machine is used to install a wet epoxy resin through the small access point and into the sewer pipeline. The specially formulated epoxy resin completely coats all interior surface areas of the sewer pipes. Once it cures in place, which typically occurs within a few hours a hard, impenetrable pipe liner or pipe within a pipe is formed. The new pipe immediately fixes any problems within the existing sewer pipeline.

It will also prevent future issues, such as chips, cracks, breaks, rotten spots, and other structural damage from happening in the future. In fact the sewer lining process is so advanced that the new pipe will last for fifty years or even longer.

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Sewer Co is a leading sewer lining specialist that is proud to serve our valued customers in Katy, Texas and surrounding areas. Each and every member of our team of plumbing technicians has years of experience. They are also trained in the newest plumbing equipment, procedures, and technology in order to provide you with the most cost effective and efficient plumbing solutions available on the market. Please contact us with any and all questions, or to schedule a free estimate for all of your plumbing needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

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