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Sewer Pipe Relining Katy, TX

Sewer Pipe Relining Katy TX

Katy, Texas Sewer Pipe Relining

Sewer pipes breaking is not something that happens often, but when it does, you need a an effective and affordable long-term solution. In some cases, it could be a tree root intrusion or the pipe is simply too old. For those cases, a sewer pipe relining service might be the best solution for you.

The signs of a damaged sewer pipe are easy to recognize. Draining becomes slower, flushing does not have the strength it normally does, or even gassy smells that stick around no matter what air freshener you use.

Sewerco rehabilitates your sewer pipes without having to dig a trench. The process involves a video inspection so we can assess the problem. The high definition live feed will tell us what kind of damage your sewer pipes have. The most usual problems we find are tree root damage, holes in the pipes, seal cracks or displaced joint connections.

Other problems are just natural consequences of an aging sewer system. Pipes last anywhere from 30 to 40 years. But many sewer lines were installed in the 1960’s, so a lot of homes in Katy, TX are already functioning with old pipes.

Fortunately, most of these problems can be fixed with a sewer pipe relining service. This method involves creating a new pipe inside your sewer pipes. It is also known as Cured-In-Place-Pipe. The best part is that it does not need a trench to be accomplished.

Katy Texas Sewer Pipe ReliningKaty TX

Relining Process

Before we can reline your sewer pipes, we need to make sure the inside of the pipe is ready. To do this, we clean and clear the pipe using pneumatic cutting and a tool called Scorpion Cutter to cut away root invasions and debris build up.

Then, we prepare the pipe liners. We make sure the line is the right length and diameter of your pipe, so that when we pull it and place it fits and creates the new—and better—pipe we are looking for.

Once the pipe liner is measured, we fill an inflatable sleeve with a liquid epoxy resin solution. Once the liner is in place, we inflate the bladder so that the epoxy bleeds out and coats the inner walls of the the sewer pipes. After a little while, the epoxy has permeated the inside of the pipeline. So we dry it with high heat and after a few hours the epoxy will cure and harden to become the new pipe with similar characteristics as a PVC pipe. Sewer pipe relining works for the most common types of pipe materials, such as cast iron, PVC or clay.

Contact Sewer Co. of Katy, TX Today

Aging and damaged sewer pipes are no small matter. But Sewerco has the best pipe rehabilitation solution for your buck. Instead of waiting days, relining takes hours. Relining also gives you a new pipe that is as strong and reliable as a PVC pipe. Relining is also eco-friendly, because there are no harmful gases dug out into the environment, and no risk wasting water due to an accidental pipe breaking as a result of trench digging.

If you need help with a sewer pipe problem, contact us today to get an estimate. You will discover that this solution is not only a better investment than any traditional pipe repair method, it is also faster, and more convenient. Call 844-787-4047 to get started.

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