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Trenchless Pipe Lining Katy, TX

If this was the 1980’s and you had a problem with your plumbing pipes, we would tell you that the only way to fix them was by digging a trench. We would give you a list of the heavy equipment we were bringing over to your house. We would start measuring around your yard, and you would start making arrangements to move to a hotel or a relative’s house for a few days.

After endless loud noises, massive dirt mounds around your home, and a few uncomfortable days that feel like months, you would get the huge bill to pay. Yes, the job was well done. You probably will not have to think about your water pipes for many years. But was it worth it?

That was decades ago. Today you have a better option called trenchless pipe lining. So people in Katy, TX do not have to go through this hassle just to have their water pipes fixed.

What is Trenchless Pipe Lining?

As the name suggests, the biggest benefit you get from this innovative method is not having to dig a trench. Your water and sewer pipes are about ten feet below the surface. So any excavating this deep is a big project that our trenchless pipe lining service can help you avoid.  

Instead, we access the water pipes through any of the standard opening points. Once we have access, we start with a camera inspection inside the pipe to find what is causing the problem so that we can plan accordingly. Different problems call for different cleaning solutions.

Pipes can break for many reasons. The usual is just aging. However, things like weather, root intrusion or clogging can compromise the state of your pipes. That is why the camera inspection is so important. We have many ways to clean a pipe, but the camera will tell us what the best tool for the job is.

Once we clean the pipe, we use an inflatable liner—that is where the name pipe lining comes from—filled with a liquid epoxy resin which we prepared in advance, and we pull this liner into place. Once the liner is set, we inflate the pipe to maximum capacity, so the epoxy bleeds out and coats the inside of the pipe. Once we know the pipe is coated, we pull the liner out and dry the epoxy.

The process takes a few hours, but once it is done, the epoxy hardens and creates a pipe within a pipe. This jointless pipe is as strong as a PVC pipe, which means it is impenetrable by tree roots and is not affected by calcification.

All of this process is done without having to dig a massive trench. The trenchless pipe lining service protects your landscape, driveways, floors, and foundations. It is faster and gives you a better pipe than you had originally.

Fix your Pipes Now

The best part about pipe lining is that there is no mess and almost no downtime, which means you will have water and sewage service back within a few hours. Call us at  844-787-4047 to learn how the Sewerco’s trenchless pipe lining solution works.

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