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Trenchless Sewer Repair Orange, CA

Orange, California Trenchless Sewer Repair

Sewer lines are probably the last feature of any residential or commercial property to be repaired. We don’t really notice it and often take it for granted, day in and day out. It’s only when the sewer pipes start to leak, or when the drain begins to stink that we sit up and take notice. The worst thing that could happen is leaving it alone, which can lead to significant property damage and serious health complications. Imagine your basement flooding, or mold and mildew forming on your walls and flooring. But not a lot of people know that Trenchless Sewer Repair Orange, CA can put a stop to all that, and more.

Trenchless Sewer Repair Orange CA

You’ll be happy to know that there’s a no dig solution that exists! Trenchless technology has opened up numerous benefits in sewer line repair and replacements as compared to traditional sewer line repairs. All those innovation and the latest technological advancements have really made repairing your sewer lines as easy as digging just one access point and reducing the repair or replacement time by more than half. The costs associated with sewer line repairs and replacements become more manageable. There’s no more unearthing and destroying the precious landscape you’ve worked hard to maintain and beautify.

Proper Diagnosis

Sewer Co uses the best and the most advanced plumbing resources to accurately diagnose your sewer line issues via camera inspection. We feed the pipe with a fiber optic camera for recording purposes. Once the damage is located, our knowledgeable plumbers will present you with the right trenchless technology method:

Orange California Trenchless Sewer Repair

There are currently 2 types of trenchless technology available, CIPP and Pipe Bursting.

Pipe Lining, or CIPP is the trenchless method of repairing your broken sewer pipes using just one access hole. Our plumbers use hydro-jetting to clear out any leftover debris and calcified deposits in the ailing pipe. Then, we insert a liner coated with special epoxy resin through the pipe and cure it once it’s in place. The result is a seamless pipe that forms a new shell inside the old pipe. The fix is rather permanent and is designed to serve you, your family or your company for a good number of years. It resists some of the most common sewer line issues such as cracking, pressure and root intrusion.

Pipe Bursting is the trenchless method of replacing your broken sewer pipes. A new pipe is fed through the old pipe to replace it. Our technicians utilize a bursting head to scatter the old pipe and send the broken fragments to the adjacent soil. The new pipe is pulled in place in a perfect alignment with the old pipe structure. Only two access points are needed to pull this trenchless method successfully. Your landscape will be left safe and intact during the process which takes merely a few hours to accomplish!

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