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Drain Cleaning Orange County, CA

Trenchless Hydro Jetting Pipe Cleaning Cost

We rely on our drains to do so much every day, likely without even giving it much thought. That’s why it can feel like a major crisis when you are experiencing a slow or entirely backed-up drain.

At Sewer Co., we have the ultimate solution to any clogged drain Orange County property owners may experience. If you’re ready to get your drains flowing properly again, call us. We understand all the factors that contribute to drain clogs, and we offer a surefire solution to any clog: a technology called hydro jetting.

Why Your Drain Pipes Need Hydro Jetting in Orange County, California

Stubborn clogs and years of accumulated buildup are no match for the high-pressure system hydro jetting creates. As you may be able to imagine from the name, hydro jetting creates a strong flow of pressurized water your plumbing technician will send through your clogged pipes using a specialized nozzle that shoots out in all directions.

As the jet of water powers its way through your drain pipes, it scours the inner walls while blasting through clogs and tree roots and getting rid of any sludge, grease, soap scum or hair that has built up in your sewer system over time. The system is designed to break up this debris into increasingly smaller bits until they can safely flush out into the main sewer line.

How does hydro jetting work? First, your Sewer Co. drain cleaning expert will thoroughly inspect your sewer line with a video camera to identify the source of the clog and make sure your pipes are in good enough condition to withstand the 4,000 PSI of water the hydro jet creates.

The next step is to begin the drain cleaning by inserting a hose into a cleanout, which is the portion of your plumbing system that is designed to provide a plumbing specialist easy access to your sewer line specifically for clearing out clogs. The hose is attached to a water tank and a machine that pressurizes the water.

Hydro jetting is the most effective, environmentally friendly and minimally invasive way to address many of the most common clog-related plumbing issues, including slow or backed-up drains. The hydro jetting technique successfully removes buildup that gathers in plumbing pipes, and is also powerful enough to break up tougher clogs such as tree roots that have grown into the sewer system.

Sewer Drain Pipe Cleaning Cost

The Benefits of Hydro Jetting

Why should you choose this high-tech pipe cleaning solution? The technique offers several benefits.

  • Leaves pipes good as new – The highly pressurized water scouring the insides of your pipes can remove even the most stubborn clogs quickly and safely, restoring your drains to full function within the same day.

  • Removes blockages – Pressurized water is the best way to clean pipes with significant buildup because it can access every part of your pipeline.

  • A versatile solution – Whether you own a single home or have a commercial business with a large, complex pipe network, hydro jetting can clear any sort of clog within any width of pipeline.

  • Thoroughly cleans pipes – Hydro jetting solves the clog at its origin by scrubbing away years of accumulated mineral deposits and grease, leaving pipes sparkling clean and restoring the flow of water throughout your pipes.

Do You Need Hydro Jetting? Call Sewer Co. of Orange County, CA Today

For more than 40 years, Sewer Co. has provided our outstanding level of service to solve a variety of sewer problems for our customers in Orange County. Don’t stress about stubborn clogs in your drains – contact us today for hydro jetting.

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