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Camera Inspection & Leak Detection Orange County, CA

Sewage problems can occur quickly and have multiple warning symptoms telling homeowners that something wrong is occurring in their lines. The issue isn’t just figuring out what the root cause of those symptoms is, but also where the problem is located. With Sewer Co’s state of the art camera inspections, those issues can be quickly eliminated.

Leak Detection Orange County California

When Should I Schedule A Camera Inspection To Detect Leaks?

Camera inspections are excellent for pinpointing location and cause of symptoms in sewer lines. When problems start to occur in your Orange County home, technicians will want to take a look to be completely sure of what they are facing. This allows them to implement a correct plan of action to restore and repair your lines.

Camera inspections are also extremely important in leak detection. If suspicious symptoms occur that point towards a leak, camera inspections would show exactly where the leak would be located. This would save time and money instead of guessing where the leak may be and digging trenches in the yard. Suspicious symptoms can be: patches of lawn turning extremely green on their own, low water pressure in faucets and showers, or a rise in the cost of your water bill.

However, even if there are no problems currently present in your home, camera inspections are still highly recommended to ensure no future problems are occurring without warning. It is often suggested that homeowners should have their pipes inspected every 12-18 months to ensure no minor issues could turn into costly, large problems.

Camera Inspection Orange County CA

How Do Camera Inspections Work?

First, our team looks for a point of access to the sewer line that allows our camera to be inserted. After an access point has been found, we will remotely move the camera through the sewer pipe. As the camera methodically makes it was through the system, our professional team will be checking every inch of the pipes for damage, corrosion, leaks, cracks, or blockages. If a clog or blockage is found, the camera inspection will halt and the clog will be dealt with via hydro jetting. Once the clog has been eliminated, the camera inspection can continue to ensure nothing else could be causing any more problems. Note that while this camera process occurs, the pipe must be draining so we can get clear imaging.

These images are placed on a DVD for recording purposes to ensure nothing was missed. Once everything has been inspected, our team will discuss a plan of action for any problems that they encountered through what the camera picked up.

Call Sewer Co. of Orange County, California To Learn More About How We Can Help You!

At Sewer Co, we are dedicated to helping you solve your piping problems quickly and effectively. With our state of the art cameras and highly trained technicians, we can get the job done. If you live in the Orange County area, give us a call to schedule your appointment or to ask for quotes today. We can give you peace of mind and the knowledge that you are in good hands.

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