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Sewer Lining Orange County, CA

Orange County, California Sewer Lining

Sewer Line Repair

What Is Sewer Lining?

Sewer lining is the trenchless method of repairing damaged pipes without having to resort to digging to get to them. This means saving any surrounding area around your pipes, be it within your home or on your lawn.

Sewer Lining Orange County CA

Why Sewer Pipe Lining Is Better Than Drain Line Replacement

Before deciding to replace an underground sewer pipe that is leaking, consider other alternatives as well. A full sewer pipe replacement may not be needed, and relining pipelines may save you money, time, and your yard. Often sewer lines are near or under landscaping, driveways, or trees. This can cause unnecessary damage to all of those pre-existing features of your home. By looking into whether sewer lining is right for your home, you may be able to avoid unnecessary procedures.

Orange County California Sewer Lining Orange

The Pipe Lining Methods

There are usually 3 types of pipe relining methods that all have the same outcome: a fast, affordable, and eco-friendly way of fixing your damaged sewer lines.

  • CIPP Pipe Lining
    CIPP, more commonly known as Cure-In-Place pipelining is a method that uses no digging in order to repair leaks or cracks. After a camera is inserted into the problem drains to find the exact location and problem within the sewer system, our technicians get to work. The line is cleaned, usually by hydro jetting, in order to blast away any debris or clogs within the system. The epoxy liner is then inserted into the line remotely and cured in place with hot steam. This allows it to mold into all cracks existing in the pipe and hardens into a new, fully functional pipe.
  • PIP Pipe Lining
    PIP, also known as Pull-In-Place pipe lining, is best when there are pipes that have large amounts of damage or cracks. An epoxy liner that has been carefully measured by our dedicated team will be inserted into the problem sewer pipes. Two access points are needed to be able to pull the liner into the appropriate pipe. the epoxy is then molded within the pre-existing pipe. It is cured in a couple of hours by air where it is allowed to harden into a brand new pipe.
  • Pipe Bursting
    Sometimes pipelines are too damaged to simply be relined. If replacement of an entire pipe system is truly needed, or if large-scale repairs on much of the sewer system need to take place, pipe bursting is the answer. 2 access points need to be created before the repair begins. Then a “bursting head” is placed at one of the access points. Our installers will then use hydraulic power to drag the burning head through the pipe. As it goes through, the bursting head breaks open the pipe and draws behind it a new pipe. The pipe can be made out of different materials, but most go for materials that are extremely durable and protect against root intrusion.

Call Sewer Co. To Learn More About Your Sewer Lining Options In Orange County, California!

If you are experiencing problems in your Orange County homes, call Sewer Co to learn about the benefits of trenchless sewer repair. Our highly trained team is equipped to handle any problem you may face in a time-efficient manner. Contact us today.

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