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Trenchless Pipe Lining
Orange County, CA

Trenchless Pipe Lining Orange County CA

How Does The Pipe Lining Process Work At Sewer Co?

Pipe lining is a process that does away with the old traditional version of pipe repair. In the past, the methods used meant tearing up floorboards, backyards or front lawns. Due to trenchless technology, that is all completely avoidable. It is a process in which epoxy lining is inserted into your pipes, and allowed to cure and harden. The end result is a new, sealed pipe inside of the preexisting one.

The Steps Of Trenchless Pipe Lining

  • First, our technicians will do a pipe inspection. This is performed by a high definition, self-leveling sewer camera made specifically to check piping. By inserting it into the pipe our team is able to measure the footage and diameter of your pipes. More importantly, they can also pinpoint the location and true root of the problem.

  • After an inspection is conducted, cleaning usually needs to be carried out. This is normally done through the process of hydro jetting. Hydro jetting is where highly pressurized water is pumped into your pipes in order to clear it of clogs, tree roots, or build up in the pipeline. This ensures that when the lining is inserted, it is perfectly able to fit the diameter of the pre-existing pipe.

  • After excess debris and other issues are completely cleared from the pipeline, its time for the lining. The liner is carefully measured by our technicians so the diameter and length are perfectly aligned. The liner is then saturated with epoxy and inserted into the pipe. This is done either by the Inversion Method or Pull-In-Place Method. The pipe is then inflated to cover the pipeline and seal away damages. It is left to cure either with hot water or steam or left to cure in ambient air temperatures. The end result is a perfect fit of a new pipe in the preexisting one.

The Types Of Materials That Can Be Fixed With Our Pipe Lining Solutions

Pipe Lining can virtually cover any existing pipe. Below is a list of what is covered.

  • Cast Iron
  • Clay
  • PVC and other plastics
  • Concrete
  • Copper DWV
  • Steel

Orange County California Trenchless Pipe Lining

What Are The Benefits Of Pipe Lining In Orange County, California?

Trenchless pipe lining has a multitude of benefits. For starters, it saves home and business owners time and money due to its non-invasive technology. Technicians are usually in and out of your home in a number of hours rather than days of repair. It also saves you money that you otherwise would be having to pay to repair your damaged floorboards or landscaping. It is also environmentally friendly, as no gases are escaping into the air or leaking out, as the work is all done underground. Overall, it is a fast, cost-saving, and green process that leaves your pipes in working order for over 50 years after installation.

Call Sewer Co. To Learn More About Our Trenchless, Eco-Friendly Approach To Pipeline Repairs Today!

If you are living in Orange County California, give us a call today at Sewer Co to set up an appointment today. Our friendly staff is here to help you through any and all problems your sewer lines may be having.

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