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Sewer Repair Pasadena, TX

Sewer Repair Pasadena Texas

Pasadena, Texas Sewer Repair

Sewer Co. is Pasadena’s home and business owners’ go-to provider for trenchless sewer repair needs. We have solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications that ensure fast, effective, affordable results in any situation, no matter the size or severity.

Our Sewer Repair Methods: Pipe Lining and Pipe Bursting

Traditional sewer repair requires days of excavation to remove and replace the damaged pipe. Our trenchless sewer repairs use innovative processes to repair or replace pipes with minimal digging by taking advantage of existing access outlets in the plumbing. Pipe lining, a popular trenchless method, involves applying an epoxy coating to the inside of the pipe to seal cracks and holes. In this process, a specialized tube coated with a resin is inserted into the damaged section of pipe. The tube is inflated and left to cure for a few hours, forming a new, hardened pipe within the damaged one. The lining is ultra-thin and smooth, maintaining optimum waste flow. Most importantly, the lining lasts for up to 50 years, ensuring long-term effectiveness.

Pipe bursting is another trenchless sewer repair technique we offer. This method is performed by inserting a replacement pipe into the damaged pipe, then drawing the new pipe through the old one to burst it outward. The new pipe is attached to the existing connections, effectively laying a new pipe in place of the damaged section. Pipe bursting can even be used in situations where a sewer line has completely collapsed or when it has joints or connections that make other repair methods difficult.

When you need service, we’ll thoroughly inspect your sewer pipes to locate the nature and severity of your problem, then recommend the right services to correct the issues quickly and effectively. You can count on Sewer Co. to make sure your sewer repair is handled in the most efficient, customer-friendly way possible every time.

Pasadena Texas Sewer Repair

Effective for Commercial and Residential Applications

Trenchless sewer repair is important for Pasadena’s strong industrial market. Because these methods are performed in place with limited impact on daily activities, they help avoid days of poor performance or even complete shutdown due to inadequate sewer flow. You don’t have to remove sections from production while excavation, repair and restoration are completed. In many cases, you can also maintain adequate sanitation facilities for your workforce through much of the process. Trenchless sewer repairs keep disruption to your business to a minimum.

Residential households also benefit from trenchless sewer repair techniques. In most homes, repairs can be completed in 24 hours with little or no digging needed, even on large mains extending to street connections. You won’t need to spend hundreds or even thousands rebuilding walkways and driveways, replacing trees and landscaping, and repairing walls and foundations. You and your family can avoid days or weeks of disruption.

Contact Sewer Co. of Pasadena, TX Today for More Information

Sewer Co. has the best in trenchless sewer repair technology to solve any sewer problem in your home or business. Our trenchless sewer repairs are low-impact solutions with long-term results. Call us today for more information about how we can help you!

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