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Sewer Repair Pearland, TX

Sewer Repair Pearland TX

Pearland, Texas Sewer Repair

When residents and businesses in booming Pearland have sewer problems, Sewer Co. is your top choice for efficient, effective results. We use the best in modern trenchless sewer repair technology to provide solutions that fix the problem now and prevent a recurrence in the future.

What is Trenchless Sewer Repair?

Trenchless sewer repair is a state-of-the art technique that enables us to repair or replace damaged sewer pipes without a large amount of excavation or demolition needed. Many repairs can be completed in as little as a day, rather than several days or even weeks for traditional methods. The two preferred trenchless procedures are pipe lining and pipe bursting.

Pipe lining works effectively in sewer repairs where the pipe is intact enough to support a repair sleeve. In this method, we insert a thin, epoxy resin into the pipe that coats the entire interior, sealing all the cracks and holes. After the resin cures, the resulting liner forms a new pipe that resists leaks, corrosion, and root penetration. It also improves water flow for better sewer function and it lasts for decades, ensuring that you’ll be pleased with the result for years to come.

For more severe damage, we offer pipe bursting, a process that allows us to completely replace the failed pipe with a new one without a large amount of digging or construction work. In this technique, a new pipe is inserted into the damaged pipe at an existing access area, then pulled through it with a specialized tool, crumbling the old pipe outward and laying the new pipe in its place. The old pipe deteriorates into the soil over time, leaving only the new pipe. Pipe bursting can be used in pipes that have connections or joints, making it a very versatile solution that works in a lot of difficult situations.

Pearland Texas Sewer Repair

Since both trenchless repair methods can be completed in a fraction of the time needed for traditional excavation, downtime due to sewer issues significantly decreases. Plus, with the smaller access area needed, damage to interior walls and floors, foundations, hardscaping and landscaping is all drastically reduced, saving you thousands in restoration costs after the sewer repair is complete.

Trenchless sewer repair offers additional benefits to the many healthcare facilities and medical service providers in Pearland. Medical facilities can quickly repair damaged or leaking pipes to avoid cross-contamination by biological and medical waste. It helps avoid scheduling difficulties due to unavailable treatment rooms, and it reduces visibility of sewer repairs that can cause patient concerns about sanitation.

Sewer Co has skilled technicians on staff who are fully trained in pipe lining and pipe bursting techniques. We’ll thoroughly inspect your malfunctioning sewer line to locate the source of the problem, then develop a solution that will most effectively solve your needs both immediately and long-term.

Contact Sewer Co. of Pearland, TX for Your Sewer Repair

At Sewer Co., is proud to offer modern trenchless sewer repair methods to residents and businesses in Pearland. We want to make your repair process as quick and painless as possible. Call us to today for more information so we can put our solutions to work for you!

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