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Sewer Lining Santa Ana, CA

Sewer Lining Santa Ana CA

Santa Ana, California Sewer Lining

You probably got to this very page because you were searching for a way to repair your sewer pipes online. You may have been experiencing the leaking or flooding problem for months and finally got tired. Or, you may have noticed the early signs and are looking for a good Sewer Lining Santa Ana, CA. Is it really true that there’s a non-invasive, no-dig solution for sewer line repairs and replacements? Is it possible to have your old sewer pipes restored to a new-like condition that can last for more than 50 years?

Why Replace, When You Can Reline and Save Big?

Traditional methods of water or sewer pipe repairs and replacements are a horrific process. It’s expensive, laborious and eats up too much of your time. For those who want a non-invasive, trenchless solution, CIPP is the answer. Cured in place pipelining can be completed in just a matter of hours as compared to weeks of digging up your precious lawn or front yard. You can enjoy a sewer flow restoration while keeping your residential or commercial property fully intact.

Our experienced plumbers carry out the task by digging one access point to where the repair will be done. We only use the latest and the greatest plumbing equipment that are designed to be efficient and quick. In using the old sewer pipe structure as guide, our professional plumbers insert a 2-part special epoxy resin liner that coats the inside of the defective piping. The flexible liner is set to cure in just under 3 hours. The final result is a seamless pipe that’s more durable than the old line material. Leaks, roots, holes and cracks are taken out in just one trenchless repair. As mentioned, the new pipe is set to last for more than 50 years.

The trenchless technology we use can be applied to a number of sewer and water pipe issues. We can repair your vertical stack vents, horizontal pipe lining and lateral pipe lining. Furthermore, the unbeatable combination of our expert technicians and state of the art plumbing equipment can produce excellent results that’s sure to satisfy any customer in Santa Ana, Ca.

Santa Ana California Sewer Lining

Pipe lining technology can fix the following sewer line issues:

All kinds of piping material. Cast iron, orangeburg, clay, concrete, PVC, etc.

Any sewer pipe length between 10 to 500 feet.

Any sewer pipe diameter, from at least 2 inches and above. Most pipes around the Santa Ana region are around 4 to 6 inches in diameter.

Vertical Pipe Lining

Vertical stack pipelining, or simply called vertical pipe lining is normally carried out on commercial office buildings, tall apartment and large-scale condos.

Lateral Pipe Lining

Lateral pipe lining involves the use of the CIPP method, or cured in place pipelining to restore sewer functionality and improve overall flow. The pipes that run from your residential or commercial property to main sewer system on the streets.

Horizontal Pipe Lining

Our no dig lining solution can be applied to residential, commercial and industrial applications. A new, more durable lining coats the insides of your pipe to stop leaking and prevent future blockages from happening.

Contact Sewer Co. of Santa Ana, CA Today

Sewer Co is the trenchless solution for all your sewer line needs. We complete most trenchless repairs and replacements in under a day for maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction. Call us now to have your Sewer Lining Santa Ana, CA today.

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