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Sewer Repair Sugar Land, TX

Sewer Repair Sugar Land TX

Sugar land, Texas Sewer Repair

Sewer problems can affect production and the overall business operation depending on how grave the problem is. The most common sewer problems are caused by tree roots, which often happens because Sugar Land has a subtropical, tree-friendly climate.

Our city is home to various industrial companies like Imperial Sugar and Minute Maid. These industries use tons of water for production and mining. So it is definitely not an option to have a sewer system problem for these companies.

Common Reasons for Needing a Sewer Repair Service

With over 24 years of combined experience, at Sewer Co. we understand the need to rehabilitate pipes or repair them, depending on their condition and immediate need. We know that malformed, broken, cracked, misaligned, and old pipes can affect the entire sewer system. So we use our expertise and the latest technology to fix these problems without destroying the property.

Two of these common conditions we help resolve in Sugar Land, TX are the following:


Clogging is commonly caused by compacted papers, hair, dirt, grease and other waste materials. As they go down the pipes, they keep accumulating, eventually causing a buildup that may lead to several sewer pipe issues. We provide drain cleaning solutions that will resolve clog problems.


Leaks can happen if one portion of the pipe has been punctured, damaged or broken. Leaks are often reported by our clients due to symptoms like water pressure coming through their faucets is starting to trickle down or that they have unexplained high water bills. By using a camera to inspect the pipe, we can determine where the leak is exactly located and we work to fix the problem.

At Sewer Co, we provide only high quality sewer repair services within Sugar Land, TX. We have trained and experienced plumbers who can operate our trenchless technology and machines at high proficiency.

Sugar Land Texas Sewer Repair

How We Repair Sewer Pipes

Trenchless pipe rehabilitation is an advanced technology that rehabilitates pipes without the need to dig or destroy the property. It is a more efficient and economical way of fixing your pipes. The machines used in the process cannot be handled by just anyone who can read a manual. It requires training and experience.

Here are some of our recommendations for our clients within Sugar Land, TX:

Have at least a yearly maintenance or check-up of your sewer lines. This includes yearly cleaning of the pipes to ensure the normal flow of air and water.

Replace old pipes. The older pipe material used before the trenchless technology repair time is clay, which does not last long.

Strain your drain. Drains come with strainers. By making sure these lids are on at all times, the chances of fast buildups in the pipes can be prevented from happening earlier than expected.

Contact Sewer Co. of Sugar Land, TX Today

It’s easy to panic when you have a sewer problem. But it’s easier to make it go away with our sewer repair service. Call us today to setup an appointment. Even if you don’t have a problem now, an inspection visit could make all the difference.

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