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Trenchless Sewer Repair
Tustin, CA

Trenchless Sewer Repair Tustin CA

Tustin, California Trenchless Sewer Reapir

The main sewer lines run from your residential or commercial property down to the access point in the municipal sewer system. Pipes undergo changes and become damaged over the course of long periods of time. Sewer lines can break, leak, or have enough debris to become severely clogged, which causes massive backups. But there’s a way to save the day, and that is Trenchless Sewer Repair Tustin, CA.

Sewer Line Issues Typically Found in Tustin

Some of the more common sewer line problems inherent to the area of Tustin include the following- improperly installed lines, premature disintegration due to inferior material, sinking and shifting due to soil and ground movement, pipe corrosion, dislodged pipe fittings and sewer line leaks. Clogs are when an accumulation of too much grease or when a large, non-biodegradable object is stuck. Nearby shrubs and trees can also cause problems by having their roots intrude into the joints, eventually choking the pipes.

Tustin California Trenchless Sewer Repair

Why You Should Not Dig and Replace Your Sewer Line Pipes

Old plumbers in the past used to provide temporary fixes for residents and commercial establishments by digging up the old pipes, then putting in new ones. As mentioned, it was a short term fix that really didn’t solve the problem. Soon, the original issue came back, and usually with more aggravation. The costs ballooned in the end. Your street, driveway and lawn will be excavated, and landscape technicians had to put everything back to normal. A huge repair bill awaited.

Try Trenchless Sewer Repair Instead

Now, there’s no excuse not to try trenchless sewer line repair. It’s a complete and permanent solution for all of your sewer line issues. What’s more, there’s no digging required and disadvantages that the traditional sewer pipe repairs had.

It all starts with our technicians locating the source of the sewer line problem. Once discovered, there are quite a few ways to handle it efficiently. A hydro jet cleaning or snaking usually solves the problem. A broken sewer pipe can be pinpointed using a high-tech camera sewer inspection; the same method can contribute to fixing a sewer line blockage issue.

The pipe lining process we do clears out any roots and other debris from the sewer line system, returning it to a new-like condition. Then, an epoxy resin liner is put through the pipe via an inversion process, which is cured once in place. The result is a new pipe found within the old pipe, completely seamless so the roots won’t be able to intrude.

Pipe bursting is the option for when there’s not much left of the sewer pipe to repair. A large bursting head is attached to the fore of the new pipe, which is pulled into the same structural location as the ailing one. While our technicians pull the new pipe into place, the bursting head obliterates the old pipe and sends the fragments down to the surrounding soil. Both trenchless technology methods are employed to bring fast, efficient results without the time and money sink. Your property is saved and you can get back to normal life as soon as possible.

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