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Is Your Piney Point Village Home Plumbing Acting Up? Rely on Video Camera Sewer Inspections to Easily Spot the Problem

Are you experiencing constant clogs and slow-moving drains? These could be symptoms of a much larger problem within your pipes. At Sewer Co., we offer an uncomplicated and economic solution to investigating these signs.

How We Perform Camera & Leak Detection Services In Piney Point Village

The video pipe inspection process begins with the technician inserted the camera, which is mounted on a flexible rod, into the desired pipe. These cameras are waterproof and send high-definition images to a portable screen. The technician has access to the video feed as they perform the inspection and are able to see the condition of the pipe. It can help them identify the leak, clog, crack, or generally any other problem.

This equipment is also accompanied by technology that acts as a type of GPS so that the location of the problem can be recorded. If the pipe is deep underground or under your home foundation, the video inspection is rarely impeded by that. The flexible rod allows for the camera to travel a decent distance into your pipe and can maneuver around curves or bends that could hide an issue.

This is a simple process that can reap huge benefits. If there is a large clog that will not be affected by household drain snakes or drain chemicals, it could cause a massive backflow into your home. Or if there is a beginning crack in your pipe, you won’t know until it has started to leak and begun to cause damage to your home and to your water bill. Having a simple and routine video inspection done can help prevent those expensive outcomes.

Having regular video inspections is a form of primary care for your home. Not only can an issue be diagnosed quickly, but it can help improve the longevity of your home by finding a problem before it becomes one.

Call Sewer Co To Get Your Pipes Inspected Today!

If you’d like to schedule an inspection or speak with one of our technicians, please give us a call!

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