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Pipe Lining Installation in Katy, TX

It’s a common occurrence to experience frozen pipes if you’re a resident of Katy. The impeded flow of water doesn’t just cause cooking frustrations, but severe cold temperatures can lead to sewer or water lines cracking and bursting. If your pipes are made of old construction materials such as clay, cast iron, or orangeburg, then you’ll know that it’s high time for a pipe lining installation in Katy, TX.

At Sewer Co., we are prepared to deal with any sewer line emergency you may have under any weather condition. Our trenchless technology will take care of the issue with minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.

New Pipe Within A Pipe

The trenchless pipe lining involves laying down a seamless pipe along the existing damaged pipe line. At first, it starts as a felt liner coated with special epoxy resin. Later, it becomes a new pipe located within your existing pipe structure.

CIPP Lining can be done by via the following methods:

Pulled In Place Lining

Our professional technicians dig two small access points- the first hole acts as the entrance for the liner, then the second hole acts as the exit point.

Inversion Procedure

Inversion technology only needs one access point in order to complete the pipe lining installation. The liner is “inverted” via air pressure or water, which also activates the curing. Hundreds of feet of lining contours along the pipe wall seamlessly and easily.

Trenchless Pipe Lining Benefits


Trenchless pipe installation calls for less manpower and less machinery. It can be done with just a handful of technicians instead of bringing an army of workers into your home. The pinpoint accuracy of trenchless allows us to fix a certain section instead of having to dig up your entire yard.

Environment Friendly

Extensive digging can bring up harmful toxins and fumes which could damage our earth and put your health at risk. Trenchless only needs one or two small holes and nothing else to complete the process.

Preserve Infrastructure

Your home or business establishment’s infrastructure will be saved if you go with trenchless pipe lining. The liner is specially designed to withstand enormous pressure and it does not rely on the host pipe for strength.

Improved Pipe Performance

The inner pipe that CIPP brings has a bit smaller diameter than the original pipe but because of the seamless material, the flow actually improves. The resin’s innate characteristic further reduces any type of buildup in your sewer line.

Valuable Investment

A single liner extends from one manhole to the next and can cover an entire pipeline. It’s seamless and hardier than old piping materials. You can rest easy knowing that your new pipe will stand the test of time and serve you and your household for 50 years, or even more!

Start Now

Sewer Co. understands just how important a well-functioning sewer is for day to day life. This is why we do not compromise on the quality of our work. We bring affordable trenchless technology to your home or your business so you can experience trouble-free plumbing. Call us today!

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