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Pipe Lining Installation in Tustin CA

On May 8, the police got a call from a fire alarm going off in the Cal State Fullerton campus recreation center. An exposed pipe, one of the main water lines, had ruptured and began pouring water everywhere. The damaged pipe flooded the basketball court and other areas of the recreation center, leaving the spaces an inch underwater. It took their crews over a week to dry up the facility and evaluate damage. Authorities believe the damage was a result of someone hanging off of the exposed pipe.

Pipe Damage Could Happen At Any Time, Tustin CA Residents

Sewer lining problems can come when you least expect it. Everything may be fine one day, and then suddenly the construction crew next door could hit a main water line. Or that old tree in your backyard could be growing roots that infiltrate the pipe and continue to widen until the pipe breaks or clogs completely. Another possibility is that your pipes could simply become old, begin to rust and degrade. If gone undetected, you could end up with a week’s worth of damage repairs from flooding like Cal State Fullerton.

How To know If You Are At Risk For Pipe Damage

While damage pipes could result from an array of problems, there are a few tell-tale signs that you are at risk for bursting or clogged pipes.

  • Lower water pressure: This could be a sign that your pipes have expanded, cracked or burst.
  • Constant Clogging: If your pipe continually clogs, it is possible there is a break in your sewer line.
  • Foul odors: Your pipes may have pockets of moisture built up as a result of a cracked pipe that produces a fungus-y smell.
  • Wet spots in your house: Damp areas in your home are often a result of sewer pipe cracks and leaks.
  • Whistling noises: If a pipe is dented it can create a segment of a pipe that is too small to let all the water pass, and will emit a whistling sound. If gone undetected, the water pressure will increase and cause the pipe to burst.
  • What To Do About Pipe Damage

    Pipe damage can be destructive to your property, put your everyday life on hold and take an astronomical chunk of money out of your savings. How do you avoid these inconveniences if faced with plumbing problems? Go with trenchless pipe installation from Sewer Co.

    Our trenchless pipe rehabilitation technology allows us to fix your pipe problems without digging up your property. The liner will not only seal your current breaks or cracks, but will restore the structural integrity back into the sewer pipeline. This system will also prevent tree root infiltration from occurring in the future. An added bonus; it takes significantly less time and less money to accomplish these repairs. In fact, it takes as little as one day to make most repairs.

    If you find yourself with pipe lining installation needs, call us at 844-787-4047 to set up a free estimate at your property or to learn more about the process.

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