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Drain Cleaning

Drain Pipe Cleaning and Repair Cost

At Sewer Co., our team is well-trained and experienced with cleaning clogs and debris out of drains in homes and businesses across Texas. With over 40 years of unmatched experience and high-quality work with the most complex drain cleaning operations, we have the equipment and tools needed to conduct effective cleaning services. We guarantee ultimate customer satisfaction in all of our work, and with our competitive costs, we are proud to be the company residents in Texas call for their drain line cleaning requirements.

Why Maintenance & Drain Cleaning In Texas Is Important

Over time, your daily activates can begin to cause buildup in your drains. Toothpaste and dental floss can begin to stick in your bathroom drain, grease in your kitchen, hair and hair products in your bath or shower. These types of debris can begin to form clogs that could become a major problem. Sewer Co. offers a timely service to remove these inconveniences. Hydro jetting is a state-of-the-art technology that can handle drains of different diameters and clogs of different severities.

Having a blocked drain can cause a multitude of problems. Water can get caught where the clog is and become stagnant over time, collecting potentially harmful bacteria. This will lead to a musty odor, and if bad enough, this stagnant water could leak back into the house. If the blocked drain is a part of the toilet, this could lead to unsanitary conditions and the potential backflow could be hazardous.

How We Safely Clean Residential Pipes & Drains

At Sewer Co., hydro jetting is the best option for eliminating or preventing these problems in houses and businesses across Texas. Not only is it quick, but its environmentally friendly because harsh chemicals are generally not a part of the process. Instead, pressurized water is used to blast away debris. The process begins with a routine video inspection. This gives the technician the location of the clog and its severity. It also allows them to analyze the condition of the drain to make sure that it can handle the blast of the water. If the drain meets the requirements for this cleaning service, our technician will proceed with the session.

A hose is inserted into the drain, just below the blockage. This allows gravity to aid in the removal process. The hose is attached to a water tank that keeps the water pressurizes at 4000 PSI and is also equipped with a specific nozzle. This nozzle has several exit points for the water to be dispelled from at 360 degrees so that all of the drain circumference is reached. The force of the pressurized water can cut through some of the toughest clogs, and can even blast away the scum that can cling to the walls of the drain. The particles are then washed down the drain with the water.

The Benefits Of Hydro Jetting In Homes

This process can handle large and small jobs, from grease buildup to invading tree roots. In addition, we offer hydro jetting as a maintenance service for customers living in apartment complexes and other residential buildings. By having the residue blasted out of the system on a regular basis, this keeps the pipes clean and reduces the risks of clogs forming, saving customers time and money in the long run by preventing emergency accidents from happening. Because the video inspection is a part of the procedure, this can also help identify if your drain is weakening or beginning to show cracks.

Call Sewer Co. For All Of Your Drain Cleaning Needs In Texas Today!

When you need fast drain line cleaning services at your residential, commercial, or industrial property in California or Texas, call Sewer Co. to get them cleaned at 844-787-4047!

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