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Drain Inspection

Trenchless Sewer Drain Pipe Inspection Cost

Drain Inspection

In years past, dig points were a matter of educated guesswork. This could either work extremely well or it could be a complete disaster, costing the homeowner money and emotional distress. Luckily we live in the day and age of constant improvement. Things have gotten to be so much easier and more cost effective. You’re in luck because Sewer Co offers camera inspections to figure out what’s happening within your drains. If you’ve noticed a slow draining sink or a toilet that doesn’t flush well then don’t hesitate to call us. We offer 40 years of experience in sewer services.

So, what’s the deal?

Drain inspection is a process where you call in a plumbing company or a specialist to run a video line through your waste pipes.

The video might extend down your branch lines (the pipes that lead from bathtubs and faucets to the house’s sewer line) or down the house’s sewer line (the larger pipe that leads from the house to the municipal sewer line on the street). At the end of the line is a camera that lets you see the line in close-up and real-time detail. Gone are the days that video and cameras are only good for social media and capturing vacation moments. We now utilize this technology to make sure our sewer systems won’t cause us emotional distress. The guessing is taken out of the equation with video camera inspection.

Is it really needed?

This isn’t needed on a frequent occurrence. But you might need a video inspection if you plan to add a bathroom or remodel your kitchen. If you’re noticing something going on within your sewer system it is always a safe bet to call in the professionals for a drain inspection. Because of the greater quantities of wastewater involved, you may want to inspect your sewer line to make sure that it can handle the increased needs of a remodel.

Typically, most homeowners call in a sewer line video inspection only if there is a problem, such as a blockage that cannot be fixed by plunging, liquid drain cleaners or sewer or drain augering. Always be careful with liquid drain cleaners as they can contain a lot of harmful potentially damaging chemicals. It is always a safer bet to call in someone that knows what they are doing.

Instead of chemicals, can I do a drain inspection myself?

Yes, but it’s more cost-effective to hire a company.

Home-owner level inspection scopes are far too short to inspect the nitty gritty of the sewer system. If you have a true problem it is always better to get it done correctly the first time to avoid a huge emergency later on.

What will you see?

You’ll see a “walk-through” of your sewer line that will lead up to any obstructions.

Take the guesswork out of your home improvements by having a drain inspection done by a professional team of plumbers. Nobody does it like Sewer Co. We will happily come out and inspect the inside of your pipes, provide a 100% diagnosis and, if needed, handle the repairs.

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