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Roof Drain Repair

Water can be both our friend and our enemy. Without it us humans simply would not survive. However, when there is too much water in any given situation it can lead to serious problems. You certainly do not want to find yourself up the river without a paddle so to speak. Take the roof drain system for example. It plays an incredibly important role in the overall operation of any building from single-family homes to skyscrapers. The roof drains are responsible for removing rainwater from the roof and dispersing it away from the building in order to avoid structural damage, water damage, and flooding.

When it is working properly we do not give it much thought. When it breaks down it is another story entirely. If the rainwater cannot drain off of the roof properly a few things begin to happen. In the case of flat roofs, which are typically used in commercial and industrial application, the rainwater collects in giant puddles. Over time these puddles can get pretty heavy weight wise and put an extreme amount of pressure on the roof system. The immediate effect causes water to leak into the interior of the property. Eventually the water will weaken the structural integrity of the roof and cause expensive damage.

In the case of a slopped roof system, which is typically used in single-family properties and some smaller multi-family properties the water will run off of the roof but end up sitting the gutter system if the drainpipes are broken. When rainwater collects in the gutters but cannot be removed from that point it causes the same problems that occur with a flat roof. The water will begin to leak into the property and the additional weight tends to cause costly structural damage. If you begin to notice that water is collecting on your roof or in your gutters it is imperative to contact a roof drain repair specialist immediately.

That way you can avoid additional repairs to your roof and or interior of your property. Although there is various ways that a professional plumbing company can fix the roof drain system the most cost effective by far is the roof drain lining method. This non-invasive procedure does not require removal and replacement of the old roof drainpipes; in fact they are utilized in the process. Not only does this save both time and money, it helps to keep the aesthetic look of the property intact. This can prove to be an important factor for many older buildings where the replacement materials are of inferior quality.

If you are not familiar with the roof drainpipe lining method it is a quick and easy process. The plumbing technician will use special equipment to blow a wet epoxy resin onto the interior surfaces of the roof drainpipes. The wet epoxy resin is cured in place through the use of hot compressed air. Once the epoxy resin fully sets it forms a lining within the existing roof drainpipes that will keep them working properly for future rainstorms. The bottom line is why replace when you can reline instead. If you are interested in learning more about roof drainpipe lining or would like to set up a free estimate at your property please contact Sewer Co at your earliest convenience.

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