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Sewer Camera Inspection

Sewer Drain Pipe Camera Inspection Cost

Video Camera Sewer Inspection

Major sewer repairs are arguably the most expensive and devastating type of property repair to undergo. At Sewer Co., our trained technicians rely on video camera sewer inspections as a minimally invasive way to assess the condition of any sewer line and spot problem areas.

Before the advent of sewer camera inspections, there was a lot more guesswork involved in the plumbing industry than there is today. Without being able to see the condition of the sewer line before beginning repairs, plumbers were often at a loss for making an accurate diagnosis. Now, however, we can pinpoint the exact location of the problem within any sewer line, which results in a faster, more cost-effective repair.

Specially designed waterproof cameras provide us with a way to view sewer lines that are buried deep underground, even those that are located underneath a concrete slab or foundation. The camera is mounted to a flexible rod that can travel easily through narrow pipes or around sharp corners.

A typical video camera inspection is a very straightforward process. One of our highly trained technicians will guide the camera remotely through your pipes while viewing the high-definition video feed on a monitor. By reviewing this footage in real time, the plumber can get a complete picture of the conditions inside the pipes, making note of any existing or potential issues. The video camera is also equipped with a radio transmitter that records the physical location of the sewer line, including the depth and length of the pipes.

Do You Need a Video Camera Inspection?

At Sewer Co., our experts recommend a video camera inspection for any customers who are experiencing sewer line backups, slow drains or frequent clogs. These warning signs could be indicative of a variety of issues within the pipes, which we can accurately identify by conducting the video inspection.

We also suggest a video inspection as a follow-up procedure after repair work, to demonstrate that the sewer pipes have been correctly rehabilitated and that no additional work is necessary. With this proactive process available, we can reassure our customers that our work is effective and that the job has been done correctly.

With a sewer camera inspection, we can also diagnose less severe situations that can be solved with a basic drain cleaning, such as clogs that have formed due to grease buildup or the invasion of tree roots. The process can even help us locate missing valuables that have fallen into the drain or rescue small animals that have become trapped in the sewer pipes.

Schedule Your Video Sewer Inspection Today

Call Sewer Co. to arrange for one of our highly trained and experienced technicians to conduct a CCTV sewer camera inspection at your residential, commercial, or industrial property in California or Texas. Sewer Co. has been providing our customers in Texas and California with lining and many other sewer services for more than 30 years. We are excited to help you with a video camera inspection with our high-tech equipment and licensed sewer camera inspection professionals.

Video Camera Sewre Drain Pipe Inspection

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