Sewer Camera Inspection

sewer-camera-inspectionVideo cameras certainly have become an extremely valuable piece of equipment in most plumbers’ toolboxes these days. These specially designed waterproof cameras provide a means to visually inspect the sewer lines that are buried in the ground, in cement, and are located under the foundation of your home or building. The process is fairly simple. A professional plumbing technicians that has been properly trained will insert a flexible rod with a high-resolution video camera on its tip into the sewer pipes that can range anywhere from two inches up to thirty-six inches in diameter.

The flexible rod provides the camera a means in which to travel through the pipes, even around corners in order to see the entire sewer system. A real time video image relay provides the technician with the ability to fully determine the interior condition of the sewer pipeline. They are able to understand any and all potential or existing problems. The images are also saved in electronic format as part of the permanent record. The radio transmitter that are built into the video camera are actually recording the physical location of the sewer line, including the depth and length of the pipes, during the sewer camera inspection process.

This enables the plumbing technician to precisely identify the exact location of the problem within the sewer line that needs repair. In essence it takes all of the guesswork out of the equation, which leads to a faster and more cost effective repair process.

The sewer camera inspection is able to accurately identify a variety of problems such as pipes that are broken, corroded, misaligned, and punctured. It is also able to diagnose less severe situations that can be taken care of with a drainpipe cleaning such as clogs that are caused by the invasion of tree roots, or grease and particle buildup. It is a smart idea to have a follow up inspection done after any repair work has been performed in order to prove that the sewer pipes have been correctly cleaned and or repaired.

Plumbing and sewage experts also recommend a video camera inspection if you happen to be experiencing any sewer line backups, or drains that are slow to drain and clog easily. Often times a plumber will feel something odd while performing a routine sewer line cleaning with a cable machine, and will suggest that you have a formal sewer camera inspection done in order to precisely identify the situation. The process is also useful in helping to locate lost jewelry or even animals that have become trapped in the sewer pipes.

If you are purchasing a property it is important to hire a plumber that specializes in sewer camera inspection. Although the property inspection may determine the condition of the plumbing fixtures, such as the toilets, faucets, sinks, showers, tubs, and drains, it does not cover the condition the sewer pipeline. If there are major issues with the sewer system you may not find out about them until it is too late and you have already purchased the property. Major repairs to the sewer system can be amongst the most expensive and devastating of all the property repairs on the list.

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