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Sewer Lining Service

When all is said and done there is not an easy way to deal with damage to the sewer pipes or worse yet a complete failure of the sewer system. That being said, property owners do not necessarily need to sink tens of thousands of dollars into the ground in order to have the sewer pipeline repaired. Innovations in trenchless technologies, particularly sewer pipe lining, help to avoid the digging and remedial landscaping that follows. By using liquid epoxy resin solutions plumbing technicians now have the ability to line sewer pipe sections or even the entire sewer pipeline through small and or pre-existing entry points.

The most costly and time consuming pieces of the traditional, dig and replace method of repairing or replacing broken sewer pipes are not the tools and materials that the plumbing contractors use, it is the a combination of the displacement of earth, hard labor, and tremendous amount of hours spent restoring the pipe or sections of the pipeline in question. Additional costs such as these are the exact reason as to why traditional pipe repair can cost more than double than that of the sewer lining procedure. Technology certain is an amazing thing.

A great deal of sewer related problems are caused by the invasion of roots in your sewer pipeline. This typically occurs in older pipes that have begun to corrode or break. The roots are constantly seeking underground water sources that are easy to access.  Once the roots invade the pipes through the rotten and broken spots they do not simply go away to find another water source. In fact, just the opposite happens. The wastewater and solid materials contained within the sewer pipes are an extremely rich fertilizer, which help the tree roots grow faster than normal.

Even newer, plastic PVC sewer pipes are vulnerable to root invasion. The joints that connect one pipe to another are weak spots.  Tiny, microscopic roots can initially invade through the connection joints until they grow larger and enter into the sewer pipes themselves. Although this situation may be good for your landscaping it is terrible for your sewer system.  It does not take long for the roots to grow into a tangled mess that blocks the pipes. Picture it this way. When the sewer pipeline is blocked the clog acts much like a dam does on a river.  

The water and solids that are flushed down your toilets and go down your sink drains, shower drains, and tub drains cannot pass by the clog. Instead of reaching the main sewer line or septic tank it sits in the pipe. As more wastewater and waste materials are added to the system the sewer pipeline simply cannot contain it all. This is the point where it will either leak out of the pipes and enter directly into the ground, or backup into system where it can enter directly into your property.

If you are experiencing issues with your sewer system it is extremely important to contact Sewer Co as soon as you notice something is wrong. We will send out one of our sewer-lining experts to access the situation and formulate an affordable trenchless sewer-pipelining plan to repair it immediately. At Sewer Co we realize that problems with your sewer system are time sensitive matters. Our mission is to provide you with the most affordable, fastest, and timesavings plumbing procedures available on the market. As we always say why did if you don’t need to.