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How Sewer Pipe Lining Keeps Your Sewer System Protected Against Tree Roots

With the implementation of trenchless technology, companies have latched onto conducting services with trenchless techniques because these services are faster, cheaper, and more effective than traditional methods. With our trenchless repairs and replacements, we can protect your home from any problem, including tree roots.

Sewer Pipe Lining & How It Works

Sewer pipe lining is a process that involves trenchless technologies. At Sewer Co, we believe in creating the best of the best sewer pipe lining and innovating our technology in such a way that you can easily repair your sewer pipe with our lining, and trust it’ll last.

Sewer pipe lining is made from an epoxy resin that will mold itself inside your pipes and create a seal that nothing can get through. This process eases clogs, leaks, flooding, and other complications inside your pipes. It also ups the longevity of your pipes and creates a slick surface for water and waste to move across. The resin can harden within two hours and can be inserted and fixed to size whatever pipe you have. It generally goes in through a pre-established entry point, causing little to no damage to your property.

How It Protects Pipes From Tree Roots

Because your pipes are now lined, they’re less likely to get damages like leaks and fractures. These kinds of issues are most commonly found along the joint sections of your pipes since the connection is weakest there. However, with pipe lining, it adds an extra layer of durability to otherwise crackable and breakable pipes. With pipe lining, you don’t have to worry about tree roots, cracks, leaks, or other damages due to inner or outer sources.

Here at Sewer Co, we offer pipe lining services at your convenience and can complete the job in less than 24 hours, using entry points already established on your property. Call us today for your sewer pipe lining- you’ll never regret it.

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