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How Sewer Repairs are Cost-Effective and Efficient

As with most home repairs, to the average person the idea of the repair or replacement of your plumbing system is about as welcome as a root canal. Sewer Co. takes the sting out of necessary sewer line maintenance with fast, efficient service and cutting-edge technology.

Regular Maintenance Delays or Prevents Costly Replacement

All sewer systems, regardless of material, have a natural lifespan after which pipes, fittings, and fixtures break down and require replacement. This eventuality can be delayed with regular repairs conducted by your Sewer Co. engineer and by ensuring your family takes the proper steps towards in-home care.

Sewer Co. offers relief in the form of trenchless pipe lining, a highly effective method that improves your current pipe system to a point better than new! This is achieved by inserting a tough liner of cured epoxy resin into your existing pipe without replacing older infrastructure. The liner is safe for potable water, can be exposed to temperature extremes, and has a lifespan of up to fifty years, dramatically increasing the usability of your plumbing system.

Concurrently, be pipe-conscious in your home. Don’t place kitchen grease, food waste or any other foreign objects (such as your pet goldfish) into your sewer system! This can cause serious clogs, eventually leading to the need for an expensive professional clean-up. Likewise, attempting to use commercial drain cleaners only serves to degrade your pipes (even if the bottle says “pipe safe”), hastening the need for complete replacement.

Saving our Customers Money

Trenchless repair methods are in fact often more expensive when compared to traditional approaches. However, this figure does not take into account additional home repairs, landscaping, relocation or hotel stays, or (if repairs are for your business) loss of customers. Traditional methods require digging a trench in your yard or gouging a sizeable hole in your wall, and the longer time required to complete a job means the water supply in your home or business will be off for a greater stretch of time. Expenses such as wall repair or landscaping can be high, and the unsightly appearance of your business mid-project could drive potential customers away. Additionally, since running water will not be available during a job, a relocation to a hotel or family member’s home will have to be factored in.

Contact Sewer Co. today to discuss your sewer system needs and talk to one of our engineers about your options. A trenchless sewer repair service may be right for you!

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