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If Your Sewer System Has Malfunctioned, Avoid The Digging & Rely On Sewer Co's Sewer Pipe Lining

Having a damaged pipe is already stressful enough. The water damage, the time you’ll need to take off work while it’s fixed, and the price tag that comes with it. Thankfully, Sewer Co. offers a new, tidier, and far more swift method than the traditional process. In addition, sewer pipe lining is more affordable, especially because there is no need to hire a contractor afterward to fix your foundation or yard.

How The Trenchless Way Of Pipeline Repairs Works

This trenchless pipe lining requires only a small access point, generally three feet in size, so that the equipment can be installed the affected pipe. This eliminates the need for backhoes or large trenches, saving a significant amount of time and money on extra steps that aren’t needed. The pipe is then video inspected to identify the location of the problem and to analyze the condition of it. Following the inspection, the pipe to cleaned to remove bits of debris and buildup, so that the liquid epoxy can adhere to a smooth surface.

It can also help restore your water flow. Once the technician is satisfied with the cleaning, they will insert a tube that is coated with the epoxy. The tube is then inflated and the epoxy is forced up against the interior of the pipe. This allows the substance to be smoothly distributed and to fill in any cracks or holes. It then cures in roughly 24 hours, leaving you with a hardened and new pipe!

This is a process that gives you the benefit of a brand new pipe without the tremendous dirty work that the traditional method required. You can rest comfortably in your home while our technicians complete the job, and you don’t have to stress about having too many strangers invade your home. All that we need is just a small, professional group and about one day to finished the pipe lining. Then you can get back on with your life, no stressful interruption needed.

Call Sewer Co For Long-Lasting Solutions Today

So if you’d like to discuss pipe lining options, please give our team at Sewer Co a call today to learn more about how we can help you!

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