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Why Trenchless Storm Drain Repairs Keep Your Property Safe From Flooding in Houston, Texas

Storm drains are designed with the intention of collecting surface runoff, rain, and stormwater and redirecting the excess to the nearest city storm drain system. When severe storms sweep across the region and cause damage to storm drains, it’s important for homeowners to get it repaired as soon as possible. Fortunately, at Sewer Co., we can fix storm drains with ease and protect your property from flooding. Not only is the risk of flooding reduced, having your storm drains fixed with trenchless methods offers a number of other benefits as well.

Proper Disposal of Leaves and Debris

Regular maintenance of your yard keeps the twigs, sticks, and leaves from piling up. When a storm hits, these natural debris gets washed away to the drain lines. They accumulate along the gutter and cause property damage and traffic if the rainwater can’t drain properly. Regular drain cleaning keeps the leaves out and keeps the drain system functioning efficiently. You won’t have to worry about flooding during rainstorms and showers with our powerful trenchless-based repairs.

Clearing Clogs

Clogs form when debris inside the pipes stick to one section and refuse to move. Over time, this can lead to irreparable pipe damage and ground saturation. Clogs can cause disastrous plumbing issues such as flooding which can damage your basement, your yard, and your property. You’ll be left with a huge repair bill to pay if you leave your storm drains clogged. Yard erosion becomes a huge concern especially if your property resides along the hill or in an elevated location. Perhaps the most noticeable problem you’ll face is the constant backup of raw sewage, which isn’t a pretty sight. Storm drain repairs can remove debris and other obstructions that couldn’t be reached by traditional methods.

Get The Right-Sized Drain

Stormwater drains are typically designed to handle large loads if necessary. Drains that are too small cause a bottleneck in the whole system and it becomes a choke point, often leading to property damage and backups.

Overload Alert

Some of the most common factors that cause an overload include the following- low lying areas, poor fittings, illegal connections, cracked or damaged boundary traps, cracked pipes and tree roots. These problems usually come in one after the other, which then amplifies when strong rains come. An overload in the drain system equals flooding. Trenchless drain inspections followed by repairs can address a wide range of drain problems from the get-go. What’s more, the new pipes can be created in just a few hours’ time and are tough enough to last a long time.

Prevention Is Better Than The Cure

A failing storm drain creates a hazard to the public and to your property. You and your family’s health will be at risk as well. Here at Sewer Co., we encourage all our Houston Texas customers to have their storm drains regularly inspected for wear and tear and possible repairs. This is a preventative step that’s easy to do and ensures that your drain system is working efficiently. We will clear out downspouts, drains and gutters whenever you need it. Schedule a cleaning with us and see how we can restore your storm drains to proper working condition!

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