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Why Get a Sewer Camera Inspection

sewer pipe drian camera inspctions

Why get a sewer camera inspection from Sewer Co.?

Sewer Co. offers a wide range of plumbing services to residents all around the California and Texas areas. We also provide a cutting-edge camera inspection service which is, hands down, more effective and time efficient than older inspection methods. Camera inspections are when plumbers insert a thin, flexible, waterproof camera tool into your drains or plumbing pipes. This camera transmits a clear, crisp, high-resolution image to the plumber’s monitor, which then is used to assess the plumbing problem and determine the next steps of action. This camera inspection is done by a trained specialist for Sewer Co., ensuring that each and every inspection is done right the first time. With this modern, state of the art technology, an accurate, affordable, and minimally invasive technique is offered to guarantee you an effective inspection method. This effective inspection method will provide our specialists with a fast and accurate assessment of all of your plumbing problems. In this helpful guide, camera inspections, their uses, comparisons to other methods, and more will be discussed to ensure that you, as a consumer, will have the knowledge ready if and when a plumbing emergency may arise. Camera inspections are recommended for any customer who is experiencing a plumbing problem, whether it be slow drains or even changing water pressure. Camera inspections are also recommended after a repair job to determine if the proper fixes had been made. This new inspection technique guarantees an accurate and effective repair job.

Camera Inspections vs Older Methods

Camera inspections take the guesswork out of plumbers’ inspections. Before the invention of camera inspections, plumbers could only perform guesswork on what underlying plumbing problem was based on a few of the noticeable, above ground troubles, such as slow drains, water backup, etc. This, as you can imagine, resulted in longer periods of time to solve the plumbing issue, each trial and error slowing down the process. This also resulted in higher costs for customers. With camera inspections, plumbers are now be able to go down through the drain and pipes without physically digging the pipes up to inspect them. This new method eliminates both the guesswork and cuts down the time of this process, creating an accurate and effective way for plumbers to inspect your plumbing and assess the issue.

sewer camera inspections sewer co

Average Cost

The cost of a camera inspection often averages from $100 to $500 depending on the length of the pipe or the varying degree of inspection needed. Older methods often were more costly and less accurate, and this new, modern, accurate, and effective camera inspection is more affordable by comparison.

How long does it take?

Camera inspects often take up to an hour at most. The process is fast and easy, saving you time and avoiding the hassle of waiting around for the plumber to be finished. Other methods often take longer, possibly more than one hour to even have a guessed cause to all of your plumbing problems.

Checking for Damages

It is recommended to have a camera inspection of your pipes if you or a plumbing professional suspects that your pipes may be damaged. By using camera inspections, our highly- trained professionals will be able to assess your pipes and determine the damage, if there is any, and be able to discuss the next best steps in fixing these broken pipes with you.

Inspect for Clog or Rust

Much like checking for broken or damaged pipes, camera inspections are also highly useful for checking for drain clogs or even rust inside your pipes. These camera inspections are an effective tool in determining if your drains or pipes have a clog and the next best steps due to the fact that by reviewing the images and video from the camera, our specialists get a clear picture of your pipes and can determine if the clog is a minor one or a major one. This is a key step because it eliminates the guesswork and speculation of if the clog can be fixed by a simple snaking or if it needs more drastic measures, such as using hydro jetting to clear away the clog. Camera inspections can also find any possible rust in your pipes and help to create a solution to fix that specific area of rust within the piping.

Inspection for Missing Valuables

It is a common problem to have lost valuables, such as jewelry or other small objects, such as toys, down your drains. By using camera inspections, you can avoid the need to search for missing valuables manually. These camera inspects can quickly and effectively find any and all missing objects that may have fallen down your sink drain or even flushed down your toilet.

Camera Inspections When Adding a New Bathroom

One of the most common uses for camera inspections is if or when you decide to add a new bathroom to your home. Camera inspections are used to gauge the sewer and water pipes in your home to help determine if adding another bathroom is possible.

Can you do it yourself?

A common question that many homeowners with plumbing issues have is if you can do it yourself. The answer to this question is no. It is highly recommended that you have a plumbing company and/or specialist perform the camera inspection. By doing it yourself, it can become more expensive than simply having a plumbing company do it for you. If you calculate the expenses, the equipment costing anywhere from $300 to $1,000 or more, add the future repairs of said equipment, as well as the time that would be needed to get familiar with the equipment and begin being able to do it yourself. With all of this, simply having specialists from a plumbing company do it for you is more affordable than buying the machine and trying to do it yourself. By hiring a professional plumbing company, you are guaranteed to get an accurate and detailed cause to all of your plumbing problems, as well as the steps to fix said plumbing problems.

In addition, homeowner-level camera inspection equipment is far less advanced than a specialist’s version. A camera inspection machine that you can buy at your local store will often have a camera that is only a few feet long, allowing only minimal inspection of your pipes. A specialist’s camera is much longer than that, allowing them to be able to inspect large portions of your pipe. Another huge difference is the fact that these camera inspection machines more often than not do not include auto-focus or self-tightening options, leaving you with only a blurry image of your pipes. A specialist’s camera inspection unit, in contrast, has a better camera, a far longer length that it can see, and so much more. The main reason behind why a specialist’s camera inspection equipment will more often than not be better than one you can buy for yourself is because a specialist’s version ofteen costs up to $15,000, ultimately resulting in equipment that provides better images, farther range capabilities, and so much more.

Why are Camera Inspections important?

Camera inspections are important to get because they inform you of the state of your drains or pipes. If there are any clogs or damage to your drains or pipes they can lead to greater and more expensive repair jobs in the future if not fixed right away. Camera inspections take the guesswork out of figuring out what is going on in your pipes, giving you the full opportunity to be in the know about the state of your plumbing. Your plumbing is a key part of your home, one that is often ignored until the situation becomes dire, which can ultimately be more hazardous or costly for you. With camera inspections, you eliminate the risk by guaranteeing that your plumbing is safe and secure. Never wait to have your plumbing fixed until it’s an emergency. It is recommended that you have regular drain and pipe cleaning in your home. This regular cleaning does not often involve camera inspections unless there is a noticeable problem that the homeowner or plumber suspects, however there are always exceptions. Simply inquiring about camera inspections while scheduling an appointment should suffice and be able to tell you if your drains or sewer pipes are in need of camera inspections.

Camera inspections also detect damage that may be caused by a third party, whether that be a neighbor or a company in the area. Camera inspections give you the big, detailed picture of any and all plumbing problems, allowing you to be in the know about your plumbing. These specialists are even ready to provide you with video and images of the camera inspection of your pipes, whether that be for personal or legal use if necessary. This is a great and useful option if you suspect an outside source to be the cause of your plumbing or sewer pipe issues. This can also be beneficial if you are renting your home out to someone and suspect potential purposeful damage to your pipes.

When to Get Camera Inspections

Camera inspections are done for a multitude of reasons. One reason is when buying a used home, it is important to have a camera inspection of your pipes to determine if there are any damages whatsoever with your plumbing. Another time when you should have your plumbing inspected is when you notice that you are using more water daily than normal. This could be caused by pipe damage which is resulting in water leaking out of any open crevices of the pipe. A camera inspection is used in this situation to determine if there is a leak or any damage to your pipes. This is the best method to search for leaks because the camera on the camera inspection machine provides a clear, high-resolution image, allowing the specialist to inspect the pipes and spot any potential leak or damage.

Another essential time to schedule a camera inspection is when you notice a significant water or waste back up in your sinks, toilets, or other drains in your home. This backup is dangerous and considered hazardous to you and your family because of the harmful bacteria found in the wastewater. If no normal unclogging solutions work, such as snaking or using a plunger, then the next steps would be to have a camera inspection done to determine what the issue is. Whether it be a broken pipe or a tough clog, trained specialists will be able to view and determine the cause of this backup.

If you need to have your drains, pipes, or plumbing inspected for damage, rust, or clogs, call Sewer Co. today at 844-787-4047. Camera inspections are fast, affordable, and easy to have done. Don’t hesitate. If you suspect a plumbing issue, whether it be a broken, damaged pipe or simply a clog in the drain, call Sewer Co. today, serving locations across Texas and California. Have your plumbing problems solved before it becomes a bigger and more expensive issue.

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